Ask us about our Experiential Educator Wellness Workshops

Recharge your batteries

School administrators and educators: time for a pop quiz!

Which of the following sounds most like you?

a) I am feeling stressed and overwhelmed as an administrator/teacher in 2020-21.

b) I am struggling with my own mental well-being.

c) I would like to take more time to work on MYSELF to create a more balanced, healthier life.

d) I have noticed a significant decrease in student engagement and increase in depression and disconnect amongst my colleagues and student body.

e) I would like to address the increasing number of students battling social, emotional, and behavioral issues, but don’t feel confident or equipped on where to start.

f) I would like to generate strong, authentic connections with my colleagues, students and families EVEN in a virtual setting.

g) I want to help my students and colleagues feel supported, safe, happy and loved in the midst of this crazy pandemic!


If you selected any of the answers above, we have the solution!

The ChooSELove C.A.R.E.S. Program (Cultivating Authentic Relationships in Education System)

ChooSELove Experiential Educator Wellness Workshops

ChooSELove Experiential Educator Wellness Workshops are a unique professional development opportunity to enhance school staff capacity, as it provides the safe space and tools for educators to increase self-awareness, reduce stress, connect as a school community, and learn SEL skills and tools to enhance their own lives and share with students.  


Integrating our next-generation SEL and character education development program Choose Love For Schools™ will provide school leaders and educators with tools and strategies to help manage emotions, to be resilient in the face of adversity, to make positive choices, and to have meaningful connections, so they can recharge their own batteries, unite greater as a staff, and better support the needs of their students.  This unique and sustainable approach to social emotional learning starts FIRST with the school leaders and educators.

Gold Star Reviews

Amy Brinkman, Director of Education, Danceworks Milwaukee, W

“I thought this workshop was wonderful! My greatest takeaway is how this work can apply to so many areas of our lives. We are all "educators" in life and I can imagine how our communities, families and the world could change for the better if people used the Choose Love methods in their everyday lives. It may sound simple but most steps to major changes do start with simple actions.”

Cassandra Bishop--High School Teacher, Canyon del Oro High School, Tucson, AZ

“This workshop focuses on our health before others. Everyone seems so focused on the students that they forget we have needs as well. It was a good reminder of self care for ourselves, which then allows us to be more effective caregivers for students and our families. I would recommend this workshop to ALL educators. Encouraging communication of any kind is enriching, especially now when we have to find different ways to connect.”

Jenni Reinke-- Teaching Artist/Artist Administrator, Riverwest, WI

“This workshop was amazing and well worth my time. We were provided with helpful information about SEL; taking the time to care for yourself first, and learning purposeful, mindful practices that encompass social and emotional wellness so we can share and connect with our students in the classrooms as human beings. I was impressed with the facilitator’s ability to deliver content in a very practical, authentic, efficient, effective, inspiring, and energizing way. I would definitely recommend this workshop to others...the format and content was memorable and something I can draw on for years to come.”

About The Facilitator

Julia Richter

Certified Choose Love SEL Trainer

Julia Richter grew up in Kenosha, WI.  She attended the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater where she majored in Elementary Education and minored in Dance.  After 7 years of teaching 4th grade in inner city Kenosha, WI, she went on to receive her Masters degree; “Integrating the Arts in Education” from Lesley University and taught 11 years as a teaching artist for a nonprofit where she taught arts-based programming into the inner city elementary schools of Milwaukee, WI to help cultivate strong, authentic, working relationships between students and staff, and build levels of love, trust, integrity, respect, and confidence through art and dance.  

Julia became a certified Growth Coach through Lifeforming Leadership Coaching and received her certification in Mindfulness & Social Emotional Learning and Positive Intelligence.  She learned so much about herself and how to better manage stress and pain through mindfulness practices and social emotional learning, and so it became part of her calling and mission to help coach these essential practices and strategies with school leaders and educators, so they can fill their buckets to turn around and better serve the needs of their students, while being proactive in providing tools and skills to manage emotions, to be resilient in the face of adversity, to make positive choices, and to have meaningful relationships with fellow co-workers and students.

Julia took her experiences of teaching, coaching and social emotional learning to create the “CARES” Coaching Program for Schools.  In “Cultivating Authentic Relationships in Education System,” Julia coaches creative strategies and social emotional learning practices to unite and empower ALL school staff AND students in becoming the best versions of themselves, and to cultivate strong, loving, healthy connections that will help build morale and positive, successful school cultures.  Julia is ecstatic to join forces with the amazing Choose Love Movement to help our schools flourish to become the absolute best, safe, loving, nurturing, positive, successful learning environments they can possibly be.