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Shifting The Self Into Regulation

Choose Love CARES Mind/Body Workshop

Recommended for School Administrators, Educators, School Counselors, Social Workers, Occupational, Physical and Speech Therapists, Culture and Climate Specialists, SEL Committee Leaders

Shifting The Self Into Regulation

With the rise of mental health challenges amongst our youth, educators need effective solutions to create calmer classrooms and support positive behavior. Mindfulness breaks, also called focused attention practices, have been proven to teach the nervous system how to come back into balance so that executive functioning skills can be accessed. As students develop the capacity to mindfully pause, breathe, move and direct attention, the neural circuitry for impulse control, emotional management, and attention flourish. This creates the optimal internal states for learning, communicating and thriving.


-Learn the neuroscience of mindfulness and self regulation in relation to learning

-Explore evidence-based, mind/body practices that are easy to implement and save you time each day – more attention and less behavioral disruptions

-Understand the importance of your own well-being as a model for setting the nervous system up for success

-Enjoy how these tools prepare both you and your students to cultivate a classroom climate of safety, compassion and connection

Cost: $49

Upcoming CARES Workshop:

Navigating Healthy Compassionate Touch In Schools



Aug 10 2022


6:00 pm - 8:00 pm



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  • Allison Morgan
    Allison Morgan
    CARES Workshop Facilitator

    Allison Morgan MA, OTR, E-RYT, is the founder and CEO of Zensational Kids. She is a pediatric occupational therapist, author, international public speaker, and educational trainer driven to empower youth and the adults that care and serve them. She is passionate about training educators, parents, mental health professionals, and allied health professionals, giving them effective techniques to develop skills such as self-awareness, management skills, compassion, and resilience so they can model and authentically teach these skills to children.

    Allison began integrating yoga and mindfulness into her therapy sessions with children in 2007. Discovering the multitude of physical, emotional, cognitive, and behavioral benefits these practices offered her occupational therapy clients and recognizing the need for more mental health and social-emotional learning programs in schools, Allison began writing curriculum and developing teacher training programs to help others share these practices.

    She is the author of curriculums for pre-K through high school-age students:

    Young Explorers: Yoga and Mindfulness in Early Childhood Education
    EDUCATE 2B: Mindfulness and Social-Emotional Learning for Educators and students in the K-5th grade Classroom
    EVERYDAY Mindfulness: Techniques for Teens to Develop Compassion, Calm, Focus and Resilience
    Allison is also the author of Wisdom Within, a children’s exploration of inner awareness.

    She has partnered with universities to conduct research investigating the effectiveness of yoga and mindfulness with special-needs populations and contributes to several advisory boards and organizations involved in creating better lives for children.

    As a sought-after international speaker, she brings knowledge, wit, and joy to inspire her audience as they tap into their own inner resilience, empowering them to share it with those they serve.



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