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Madison or Maddie



More About ME 🙂

If I Could Create A Job Title For Myself, It Would Be .....

Full-Time Educator, Full-Time Kindness Monitor

Where I Live/ Why I Like It

I am from Southeastern Massachusetts (United States) – my favorite thing about where I live is being so close to Cape Cod! This teacher loves spending her summers on the beach!

Fun Fact About Me

Along with majoring in elementary education, I also majored in Spanish while in college! ¡Hola a todos!


My Interests Include ....

I am a senior at Stonehill College where I major in elementary education and Spanish. When I graduate in May, I will have a Massachusetts teaching license for grades 1-6! In my free time, I love to bake and go to the beach.

My Choose Love Story

One of my college roommates' mom is a Choose Love Ambassador! Choose Love has helped me improve my social-emotional teaching and learning.


Choose Love is able to reach millions of children because we are committed to providing our curriculum at no cost. Donations from our supporters make this possible.