Choose Love Movement Ambassadors are trained volunteers who are responsible for spreading Jesse’s message throughout the world. They work regionally to help local districts implement our lifetime next-generation SEL programs in schools, homes, and communities.

For any questions, concerns, or feedback, please reach out to:

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Find Your State Below & Meet Your Ambassadors

Led by Heidi Pottinger
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Julianne Lewis
Marisa Snow
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Jessica Zaragoza
Tabitha Gregovich
Dena Betti & Laura Patrick
Lisa MacKenzie
Kim Harrison
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Kate Geerer
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Dawn O'Brien
Kyra Wong
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Linda Spataro
Kristin Hovious
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Peter Naitove
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Emily Jenkins
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Dee Dee Thurber
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Spread The Message

Get More Involved

Be Part of the Solution

Mary Hally
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Sr. Janelle Buettner
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Shannon Desilets
Interim Director of Advocacy
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Priscilla Kesi-Tiumalu
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Joann Crouthamel
Terri Spencer
Yannick Kabuguza
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Rick Rood
Tennise Lucas
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Stacey Orzell
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Marissa Ameris
Carla Roland
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Terry Lee Cafferty
Colleen MacIntyre
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Aleshia Fleming
Shae Owens
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Ali Sullivan
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Tiffany Helmki
Julia Richter
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International Ambassadors

Joelma Alencar
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Michelle Greenwell
Marie-France Renaud
Paula Nowak
Tanya Levy
Natascha Polomoski
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Majid Khan
Becky Frank
Shona Maciver
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Shumi Shetty
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Mayumi Yamanaka
Junko Hishida
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*Our ambassadors are volunteers and their individual views do not necessarily represent the values of the Choose Love Movement*

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