Prospector Theater Fundraiser Screening of The Truth vs. Alex Jones

Jun 18, 2024 | Events, Fundraisers, General

The Prospector Theater in Ridgefield, CT, will be screening the HBO documentary “The Truth vs. Alex Jones” on June 25, 2024 at 6 PM. This fundraiser is in honor of Jesse Lewis, and what would be his 18th birthday on June 30th. Scarlett Lewis will be greeting guests before the screening and will talk about her takeaways from the trial. Proceeds for this event will support both Choose Love The Prospector Theater, a 501(c)(3) non-profit dedicated to providing competitive and inclusive employment to people with disabilities.

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Alex Jones Painted a Less Painful Reality

by Scarlett Lewis, Chief Movement Officer

I was the first of the family members to hold Alex Jones accountable for saying the Sandy Hook tragedy never happened. It was important to me to stand up for the truth because I’ve dedicated my life since the day my son, Jesse, was murdered at Sandy Hook to keeping our kids safe. Alex Jones’ platform and messaging made it much harder to do this when, according to statistics brought up in the trial, 1/5 of the American public don’t even believe the shooting happened because of the false narratives put out by Alex Jones.

I understand the draw of Alex’s messaging. Alex Jones offered a much less painful reality.

He said in repeated broadcasts on his show that there were never 28 people brutally murdered in what is still the worst mass shooting in an elementary school in US history (including the shooter and his mom). Instead, Alex offered up an alternate reality where the event never happened, and those impacted were actually the bad guys trying to take your rights as Americans citizens away. It was an enticing alternative to the truth for some because it negated the horrifying reality of the overwhelming pain that is driving our children to kill themselves and others at unprecedented rates. Alex’ version replaced our stark reality, and if it ain’t broke, no need to fix it. No wonder the majority of the first people to glom onto his lies were young moms. Who wants to think you can send your child to school with a bookbag and pick them up in a bodybag?


In reality however we need to face the truth. We must address our children’s pain. What we’ve been doing isn’t working. 

Our children are enduring a mental health crisis with nearly 4,000 teens in grades 9 through 12 attempting suicide per day (Source: Parent Resource Program). In fact, there has been a nearly 30% increase in suicide attempts nation-wide amongst youth, in addition to the 61% increase in the prior decade (source: Pew). Gun violence is now the number 1 killer of our kids. Why are our kids picking up guns to kill themselves or someone else? Because they’re angry. Anger is a mask for pain. This isn’t rocket science yet we continue to focus on the symptoms rather than the root cause that is leading our youth to self destruct.

The CDC suggests the need to help schools reverse the negative trends affecting youth by making schools safer and more supportive, with a focus on improving connectedness, and creating a sense of being cared for, supported and belonging in school. 

The Choose Love Movement’s solutions help keep kids safe by addressing the grievance end of the Pathway to Violence per the Department of Homeland Security. Up to this point we have focused on hardening schools, including active shooter drills, and door locks. These efforts have failed to keep our kids safe as evidenced by continued school shootings. In addition to these safety measures, we must address the grievance end of the Pathway to Violence by giving kids the essential life skills they need to manage their pain, rather than be taken down by it, and others in the process.

In fact, Choose Love’s programming teaches kids, and adults, how to use pain to become stronger and more capable humans. Why isn’t everyone doing this?

The truth and love are closely connected. The foundations of both are rooted in authenticity, honesty and integrity. There is empowerment and personal freedom in the truth and love. Once we have the courage to face and accept the truth, we are empowered to better ourselves and the world around us. This is true freedom rather than being bound by the chains of lies and deceit that are rooted in fear. We can’t grow or move forward without acknowledging the truth and owning up to it. Yes, we got ourselves here but we can also move ourselves beyond this dark time in our history. Love is what connects us all as humans and is essential for our surviving and thriving. How do we get back to truth and love?

By learning to choose love in every situation, circumstance and interaction. Rather than simply calling our children names like ‘monster’ and ‘evil’ when they commit atrocious acts, we understand that hatred is caused by lack of understanding and awareness. Hatred is modeled, and taught. Education, forgiveness and compassion can move us forward as a society and world. 

It will take tremendous courage for us to take responsibility for where we are, and commit ourselves to solving it. We are our last hope. You and me, and the ability to determine the truth in love. Truth is not subjective. There is one truth and the future of humanity is relying on us to bring both truth and love together into one.