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We are inspired every day by new examples of children, teens and adults — in/outside of the classroom and around the globe  — who share with us their examples of The Choose Love Formula™ in action.

Scarlett Lewis Featured by School Safety Grant

Scarlett Lewis, founder and Chief Operating Officer of the Jesse Lewis Choose Love Movement, was recently featured in the School Safety Grant’s Monthly News & Update. Scarlett is a member of the School Safety Grant Selection Committee, a program that works with law enforcement, schools and communities to implement and install life-saving technology that immediately improves safety and security.

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Alt Join

Community & Program Portal A Space for Educators to Connect & Share All Choose Love Programs (both digital and downloadable formats) Special Promotions & Updates

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May 2021 Calendar

Happy Teacher Appreciation Month!We are so blessed to support educators in THE most important mission: educating, enriching, and empowering children to create a safer, brighter,

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What is Possible?

I love reading stories about victory! It seems we all have had something in our lives to overcome, to some degree, and learning and growing

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April 2021 Calendar

Happy April! Let’s take the month to practice GRATITUDE for nature and enjoy Spring. Feel free to share how you complete the daily challenges in

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