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We are inspired every day by new examples of children, teens and adults — in/outside of the classroom and around the globe  — who share with us their examples of The Choose Love Formula™ in action.

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Choose Love over Fear Every Day

Personal growth is a possibility for everyone. In fact, I believe it’s why we’re here – to learn from, grow through, and be strengthened by our experiences, both good and bad. By cultivating awareness that we can ultimately benefit from hard times in the long run, I hope to lead others to focus on their potential in life, rather than the immediate discomfort. This is an especially poignant message for our current situation with COVID.

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Choose Love Movement Announces Inaugural Corrections Choose Love Graduation

Sixteen residents participated in the 12-week this Choose Love pilot program created for DOC, and serves as a model for other correctional institutions across the United States. The program teaches how to thoughtfully respond to any situation with kindness by using the Choose Love Formula (Courage + Gratitude + Forgiveness + Compassion-in-Action).

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February 2022 Calendar

February is Choose Love Awareness Month! It’s a time to focus on ways you can bring more Nurturing Healing Love to yourself and others. Celebrate

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January 2022 Calendar

2022 is the year for YOU! This year, use the Choose Love Formula to focus on self-care, self-regulation, self-acceptance, and self-empowerment. Make it the year

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