The Arts

There is energy only the arts can unlock. When faced with the unimaginable or the irrepressible, the arts can free us with a plucked string, powerful visual, or gorgeous lyric that captures the essential.

I write professionally. My WW1 novel The End of Innocence and reconciliation poetry website have found respectable success.  I’ve written a dozen or so cases for Harvard Business School publishing. My work has appeared in varied venues including USA TODAY, The Huffington Post, Courage Cocktail Radio Hour, and PBS (North Carolina). I had a column 2014-2015 in Maria Shriver’s site Architects of Change site.  Harvard, Duke University, UNC-Chapel Hill, and the University of Texas-Austin have published various case studies, interviews, essays, and features I’ve written.

I am a student in the domains of harp playing, gardening, painting, and cooking. I love them all and study each.


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