A Platform of Choosing Love

Apr 8, 2020 | General

Two young women are participating in pageants in their respective states and using Choose Love as their Platform 
Meet: Alexandra Baker

“I was first introduced to the Jesse Lewis Choose Love Movement when Scarlett came to my high school and spoke. She not only told us the facts about how she started this foundation, but the why. Scarlett’s compassion towards those who have a troubled heart really inspired me to learn more about the foundation and how it empowers young people to make choices that will prevent future tragedy from occurring.

With this program already in place in my community, I, through the Miss America Organization, am able to continue spreading the Choose Love message with the kids that I work with in my daily life. I strive to be a positive change in those around me, and by connecting with Scarlett, I have been able to take my last year’s platform of Compassion International, where I spread hope and positive change in third world countries closer to home.

Scarlet has been such an amazing source and inspiration to me since I first saw her in August and I am so honored to be able to not only continue to spread the Jesse Lewis Choose Love Movement in my personal community, but in the whole state of Indiana as well!”

Meet: Mia Daley 

“My name is  Mia Daley and I am from East Greenwich RI. In late April, I will be competing in Miss RI Outstanding teen! (MRIOT) When committing to Miss RI Outstanding Teen you need to have a platform and I chose the Choose Love Movement! My Mother is a first grade teacher in my town and when I was choosing my platform the story and meaning of choose love really hit my heart in such a beautiful way – Jesse’s story and how Scarlett is helping so many other people in the country and in the world. I feel as if I have almost a connection with Choose Love because Jesse would be my age and in my own grade, 7th grade!  My goal is to raise $1,000 for Choose Love. I own a business called Great Island Goods and the proceeds I make will go to the organization. I hope to inspire so many young boys and girls to find something they have a strong passion about!”
Mia will be talking to Scarlett on Instagram Live on Thursday, April 9 at 12:30pm EST. Be sure to tune in and learn more about this inspirational young woman!