3 core qualities make our programs particularly impactful.


It Starts with Jesse

The Movement began with an act of courage when a 6-year-old boy saved nine of his classmates by yelling for them to run before the Sandy Hook shooter took aim at Jesse Lewis.

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Nurturing Heroic Choice Moments

The tragedy united leading experts to build a premier program to elevate essential life skills.

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Support and Safety for All

Our complete programs and curriculum extend across all life stages and demographics and has been used in over 120 countries.

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What began as 3 words left behind on a chalk board by a six-year old boy…

1. It Starts with Jesse

The story of Scarlett and Jesse has inspired millions to more thoughtfully respond. If Jesse can find the courage to save his classmates in that moment of crisis and Scarlett can find gratitude, forgiveness, and compassion through this tragedy, there is hope and inspiration for all of us. “Nurturing, Healing, Love,” are the foundational values for the movement.

Their individual meaning form a profound and powerful formula for choosing love and have inspired a formula for Choosing Love that can be practiced by anyone, of any age, in any place. This has become the foundation upon which we’ve built educational programs and practices for all ages and stages in life.

2. Nurturing Heroic Choice Moments

Use the universal language of the Choose Love™ Formula across courage, gratitude, forgiveness, and compassion-in-action to elevate the small, but heroic Choice Moments™ we make every day for ourselves and others.

Get a DOSE of Nurturing Healing Love

Making a Heroic Choice stimulates the four neurotransmitters known as the “Happiness Quartet.“


The “pleasure neurotransmitter” released in the brain when you accomplish something you set out to do.


Promotes feelings of love, trust, and bonding playing a key role in social bonding and feelings of empathy.


Often called the “mood stabilizer” helping to regulate anxiety, reduce depression, and maintain overall mood balance.


The body’s “natural painkillers” helping to alleviate pain while reducing stress and anxiety.

Make a Heroic Choice to promote feelings of happiness, reward, and well-being that last. Even better…they can act like a muscle that gets stronger with practice.

3. Support and Safety for All

Choose Love is a proactive solution that addresses the root cause of violence to prevent it before it starts!

Jesse Lewis Choose Love Movement™ began as a school-only program, but has organically expanded into programs for home, for work, and for community. We’re seeing sports teams use Choose Love programs to teach leadership. We’re seeing prisons use it for restoration. Even military families are using it to ease anxiety and strengthen relationships.

Since 2013, we have been on a mission to create safer schools and a safer world by teaching people how to use nurturing, healing love in any circumstance. Practicing social and emotional learning skills improves culture and cultivates an environment that is welcoming, supportive, compassionate, and safe.



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