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There are multiple ways to engage as a Choose Love Ambassador. All of them bring you closer to the programs and the people inside the organization.

Choose Love Insider

Get access to our monthly educational webinars where you will learn more about how you and others can use the formula to elevate choice moments for yourself and others. Participation also gets you early access to new programs and initiatives. This is for those seeking to be part of a Choose Love Community motivated to uplift each other.

Choose Love Promoters

Get all the access of Insiders PLUS are committed to help promote the Movement in a variety of ways. This can be acting as a reference for those wanting to learn more about the program, actively promoting within your school/community or in others that may be near you. This is for those inspired to spread the Choose Love message and programs to others.

Choose Love Facilitators

Include all of the above PLUS are interested and have skills to support our paid programming and professional development. Facilitators help develop engagement with a base of users in all kinds of communities as a means of generating income for themselves and the Movement.

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Ambassador Testimonials

... Answering that call was most likely the catalyst for my own personal post traumatic growth journey. ...

I never knew that becoming our state’s Choose Love Ambassador so many years ago was going to be an integral piece of my life story. Answering that call was most likely the catalyst for my own personal post traumatic growth journey.  Which was completely unknown to me, but I believe Jesse found me at a time when my world needed a beacon of light, and I followed that call for courage. 

Ambassadors are a part of the heartbeat of this entire movement.  We are all volunteers and are witness to the change we see when we share this beautiful gift to school districts, community centers, and therapeutic programs. In this position, school districts have someone to guide them as they implement Choose Love into the culture of their own school and community. As an ambassador, I can personally attest to the change Choose Love has breathed into our community, and others in our state, country,  and around the world.

greatest example of love and resilience I’ve learned through my students and children They taught me humans don’t want to learn love as chaos and betrayal.  Becoming a Choose Love Ambassador has given me the opportunity to empower not just my own children, but all of the children and families that are able to experience the movement. Learning that they can’t always choose what happens to them, but they can always choose love for themselves and others provides a powerful change in thinking.

Choose Love was planted in our hearts and continues to help us grow in good times and through difficult times. As an ambassador we are now the beacons of light that model the message of the Choose Love Formula:
Courage+Gratitude+Forgiveness+Compassion In Action= Choosing Love.

As the movement grows, we need humans who can help weave this simple yet proven formula into the heartbeat of their own community. And you will never be alone.  Our network of caring and dedicated ambassadors are always there for eachother as we spread Jesse’s message into a world that is in need of love.

-Joann Crouthamel, NJ

... The positive message along with self awareness that comes with it, can and will shift our culture to a culture based in love. ...

I have had the privilege of being a Choose Love Ambassador since 2019.  My journey began with hearing Scarlett Lewis speak at a meeting for our school district in Nashua NH.  She was invited to tell us about the Choose Love Movement and those that attended would help to determine if Choose Love would be the new Social and Emotional learning program for our schools. The program was piloted that fall by 5 of 13 Elementary schools. After that pilot year, it was clear from many positive testimonies that the Choose Love program was not only a good fit for our district but that its impact was profound.
I had the same experience both personally and with the implemention of the program at the preschool that I was working at.  The program had such an impact on me that I completed an advocate training early on in my journey and then stepped right into an Ambassador training.  
As an Ambassador, I volunteer for outreach events, incorporate Choose Love into summer camps and also utilize it as a Social and Emotional program for the work team I currently oversee.
Ambassador work is crucial to spreading the word about the the Choose Love Movement.  We immerse ourselves into the community spreading the Choose Love formula – Courage, Gratitude, Forgiveness and Compassion in Action –  and act as role models for incorporating the formula into each day. The positive message along with self awareness that comes with it, can and will shift our culture to a culture based in love. Expanding the Ambassador program will have a positive impact on all communities and people of all ages.

– Dee Dee Thurber, NH