Ambassador Programs

Be the Change you wish to see in the world.

Become an Ambassador!

There are multiple ways to engage as a Choose Love Ambassador. All of them bring you closer to the programs and the people inside the organization.

Choose Love Insider

Get access to our monthly educational webinars where you will learn more about how you and others can use the formula to elevate choice moments for yourself and others. Participation also gets you early access to new programs and initiatives. This is for those seeking to be part of a Choose Love Community motivated to uplift each other.

Choose Love Promoters

Get all the access of Insiders PLUS are committed to help promote the Movement in a variety of ways. This can be acting as a reference for those wanting to learn more about the program, actively promoting within your school/community or in others that may be near you. This is for those inspired to spread the Choose Love message and programs to others.

Choose Love Facilitators

Include all of the above PLUS are interested and have skills to support our paid programming and professional development. Facilitators help develop engagement with a base of users in all kinds of communities as a means of generating income for themselves and the Movement.

Meet Your Choose Love Ambassador

Have additional questions? Connect with a Certified Choose Love Ambassador near you.

Register For Program Access

In less than 1 minutes you will be connected to all of our programs as well as our Educator Guide, Implementation Best Practices, Supplemental Materials and more!

Training & Implementation

NEW! Whether your staff is in need of some SELF Care, Professional Development or full-service implementation and support for our programs, we’ve got you covered.