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Learn how to thoughtfully respond to any situation or circumstance, and teach others to do the same

After changing millions of lives at school, Choose Love is now available at home. What makes the Choose Love Home Program Effective?

What makes the Choose Love Home Program Effective?

Choose Love for Home gives families a healthy way to grow together. Using neuroscience and positive psychology, children and parents alike can learn to better understand themselves and each other.

Through a series of self-guided videos, activities, and “dinner table discussion topics,” Choose Love for Home teaches families how to manage their emotions, communicate in healthier ways, and create a nurturing environment focused on the things that matter most.

Learn To Choose Love

Created for use by parents, PTA’s and special groups: learn the neuroscience and character values behind the Choose Love Formula so you can model them for your kids/ throughout your community.


Practice, Discuss, & Apply

We’ve included easy exercises and discussion starters so you and your family or group can implement the practice of Choosing Love into your daily lives.

Practice, Discuss, & Apply

“Even though we can’t always choose what happens to us, we can always choose how we respond. We can ALL learn to respond with love.” Scarlett Lewis, Founder, The Jesse Lewis Choose Love Movement

NEW!  Choose Love For Home now includes 3 learning tracks, including a Choose Love Master Class. 

To start choosing love at home, register below and join us in our community and program portal.


Choose Love is committed to uplifting the lives of all those involved in the Department of Corrections.

The New Hampshire Department of Corrections (NHDOC) took the bold step in the Fall of 2021 to pilot Choose Love programming to improve residents’ relationships with each other, their families, and communities to better prepare them for reentry.

The program has run four times to date at the women’s and men’s facilities in New Hampshire and is expanding with waiting lists for participation.

An outcome we are particularly excited about is the elevation of the conversations inmates are now having with their families holding the promise to further elevate outcomes upon release and with future generations.

The program includes:   

  • Kickoff session led by Scarlet Lewis, founder of Choose Love
  • 6-12-week program for residents (15 in the men’s workshops and 15 in the women’s)
  • Incarcerated residents were trained to lead and facilitate the sessions with their peers
  • 1.5 day pre-training for correctional officers and staff
  • Ongoing guidance and assistance for administrative staff
  • Observation of and regular feedback to facilitators
  • Created adaptations for use in transitional housing
  • Graduation ceremony with keynote from Scarlet Lewis



Helen Hanks
New Hampshire Commissioner of Corrections

"We chose Choose Love because Scarlett Lewis’ message is so profoundly aligned to the students we serve within our correctional system… The men and women who have participated in the program state that it is “life changing.” It is an educational opportunity that has altered their mindset toward the possible and the positive."

Nick Duffy
New Hampshire Director of Rehabilitation Services for the Department of Corrections

“It’s not easy to implement quality programming in a prison setting, however it’s a credit to such talented partners as Choose Love and CAST, who ensured the program was specifically designed with the incarcerated population in mind and our NHDOC staff who have shown such dedication and commitment to take the information from the trainings and implement the program so effectively. It’s been a great project that is going to have a profound impact on the participants and how we facilitate programming, I’m grateful we were able to partner with such talented people to help us launch it."

Choose Love is pleased to be partnering with CAST in serving the Corrections population. CAST is a multifaceted organization with a singular ambition to break the barriers to learning that millions of people experience every day by applying leading-edge practices to educational design and implementation.

Interested in Learning More?

The Choose Love Movement and CAST are currently seeking partners to expand on the initial findings and success of the program, bringing it to other sites and states. For more information please contact Shannon Desilets, at Shannon.M.Desilets@dhhs.nh.gov

Shannon is the Governor-appointed Program Director of the Jesse Lewis Choose Love Movement for the state of New Hampshire.


With Tapping for Stress Relief in Classrooms, a program customized by The Tapping Solution for the Choose Love Movement, teachers and students will learn how to use this self-regulating tool to develop an understanding of their emotions and a resiliency to take part in controlling them.


You Can Reduce Your Stress & Anxiety by 41% with Tapping

After over 1 Million plays of our “Releasing Anxiety” Tapping meditation the average reported reduction of anxiety was 41% in just 9 minutes. Research Shows That Tapping Calms the Amygdala in the Brain, Regulates Our Nervous System, and Reduces Stress and Anxiety

The lessons are connected to the Choose Love Enrichment Program and can be taught within each of the four units: Courage, Gratitude, Forgiveness, and Compassion in Action.

This Tapping for Stress Relief in Classrooms program will give you the knowledge and language to use Tapping for yourself, with individual children, or your entire classroom as a whole.

Zen Kids

Simple, no cost yoga and mindfulness lessons you can use in your classroom.

About This Program

We have partnered with Zensational Kids to combine the tools of yoga and mindfulness into our curriculum.

These additional lesson plans will provide you with avenues to explore breath, movement and mindfulness with your students, as well as for yourself.

Research is demonstrating how these specific tools help the nervous system relax, organize and process information, which is not only essential for learning, but also living healthy, happy lives.

Yoga and mindfulness have been found to be highly effective practices to help students self-regulate, manage big emotions, focus their attention, and develop resilience.