A Formula for Next Generation Character Social Emotional Development (CSED)

Uplifting essential life skills for Pre-K through 12th Grade

What makes the Choose Love Education Program Distinctive?

Elevating Choice Moments – Where it all happens! We either make Reactive Choices or Heroic Ones uplifted through the Choose Love Formula.

The Head and the Heart – The perfect balance of Neuroscience and Emotional Awareness & Intelligence appeals to all ages and stages.

Lessons Become Life – We help nurture environments where all involved instinctively come to choose love for themselves and others.

Choice Moment Model™

Use the Choose Love Formula™ to elevate the choice moments we make everyday.

When learned and practiced daily, these character values transform you, your relationships with others, and create a ripple effect of happiness, health and productivity throughout your school, home and community.

And the best news is that, once you’ve learned them, you will have them in your tool belt for the rest of your life.


The willingness and ability to work through obstacles despite feeling embarrassment, fear, reluctance, or uncertainty.


Mindful thankfulness and the ability to be thankful even when things in life are challenging.


Choosing to let go of anger and resentment toward yourself or someone else, to surrender thoughts of revenge, and to move forward with your personal power intact.

Compassion in Action

BOTH the understanding of a problem or the suffering of another and acting to solve the problem or alleviate the suffering.

Choose Love In Action

Curriculum Overview

Written by and for Educators.  Easy to teach and easy to learn.

Administrators, Teachers, Students, and Staff all using the language of the program supporting each other
Uplifted cultures
Enhanced collaboration and mutual support
Fewer referrals
Less bullying, Better test scores
Improved attendance and participation
Evidence based curriculum

New Choose Love Curriculum for 2023

Lessons are flexible to be taught all at once or throughout the week.

Each grade has approximately 30 lessons fully scaffolded year-to-year.

Equal parts Courage, Gratitude, Forgiveness, and Compassion-in-Action

Each lesson includes:

  • Standards Delivered
  • Educator Prep
  • Supporting Google Slides & Videos
  • Universal Languaging
  • Focused Awareness
  • Scripted Journey
  • Transfer of Learning
  • Home Connection

Lesson Length:

  • Pre-K-1 15-20 minutes
  • 2nd – 3rd 20-30 minutes
  • 4th – 5th 30-45 minutes
  • MS/HS 10-20 minutes

Standards Alignment

Choose Love for Schools exceeds CASEL standards!

Additional Standards Met:

●  Character and Social Emotional Development Model Standards

●  American School Counselor Association


● Common Core State Standards

● Brain Health Initiative


● High School is Aligned with Employability Standards

The Choose Love for Schools program is the FIRST program to align with both Character and Social Emotional Development Model Standards. These competencies are not only helpful in developing well-rounded children and school success, but they are the same competencies used to develop future leaders.

Programs & Professional Development

Choose Love programs have been designed BY educators FOR educators, and most instructors of these programs will agree that it is fun and rewarding to learn alongside the students as each lesson is taught. No formal program training is required; you can immediately begin teaching the lessons.

However, we do offer the following additional support options:

Self-Directed Program
  • Includes the Core Choose Love Curriculum
  • With access to lesson plans, links, supporting materials
  • Web-guided directions to content and distribution
  • Free online training available

No Cost

Professional Development Workshops
  • Choose Love Kickoff Keynote
  • Inspirational Workshop with Scarlett
  • Implementations & Best Practices
  • Foundations of Choosing Love
  • Masterclass Series: Four workshops prior to starting each new pillar
  • Includes prep and follow-up to customize the workshop to your environment

$3,500 – $8,000

per workshop

Champion Support Program
  • Complete ongoing collaborative support from Choose Love Nurturers
  • Kick-off meeting with your Champion team, plus four check-ins for support at the start of each pillar
  • Culture development practices customized to lift Sideliners to Frontliners in your environment
  • Validated measurement & reporting pre-post for your team and students


Student Per Year

$1,500 Minimum

Professional Development Workshops

Implementation & Best Practices


For schools looking to align their teams in the rollout of the Choose Love curriculum. A deep-dive, hands-on experience where participants learn how to best use the Choose Love curriculum and will be able to implement the lessons immediately.


  • A step-by-step experiential journey through the curriculum and the Choose Love Formula Pillars.
  • Overview of lesson breakdown, best implementation practices and a demonstration of a Choose Love lesson.
  • Learn how the Choose Love Formula grows developmentally with each grade level.
  • Review of scope and sequence charts to assist in customizing a plan to implement Choose Love programming utilizing SMART goals.

Workshop Duration:

Virtual Session: 90 minutes
In-Person Session: 90-120 minutes

Foundations of Choosing Love


Through an “experiential” exploration of the foundational components of the Choose Love Formula, including Post Traumatic Growth, Mindfulness, Growth Mindset, Positive Intelligence, and Neuroscience, workshop participants will fortify their own social and emotional well-being.


  • Fun and connection through shared learning and community building.
  • Enhances personal mental well-being and professional sustainability through mindfulness/mental fitness and self-care practices.
  • Complementary strategies in fun and creative ways that can be used in the classroom.
  • Learn to integrate Choose Love CSED practices into personal and professional life.

Workshop Duration:

Virtual Session: 90 minutes
In-Person Session: 90-120 minutes

Behavior Guidance Training


Guiding students' social-emotional development is not an "add-on" but a mission-critical aspect of teaching. In this transformative workshop, educators will learn how to lead from the heart and become role models for their students' cognitive, social, and emotional growth. By understanding the interconnectedness of peak intellectual performance with social, emotional, and physical well-being, participants will gain the tools to support the whole child.


  • Educators learn to guide students'behavior by addressing their cognitive, social, and emotional needs
  • Participants discover the limitations of outdated behavior "management" methods and the importance of a heart-centered approach
  • Enhances professional resilience by providing effective strategies for guiding students' development
  • Engaging and interactive workshop that empowers educators to create a positive classroom environment conducive to learning and growth
  • Based in and linked with the philosophy and principles of the CHOOSE LOVE ingredients

    Workshop Duration:

    Virtual Session: 90 minutes each
    In-Person Session: 90-120 minutes each

    Master Class Series - Ongoing Coaching for Educators


    Nurture and support the wellbeing of your school staff through an “experiential” exploration of principles, practices and implementation ideas for each of the Choose Love Formula character pillars: Courage, Gratitude, Forgiveness, and Compassion in Action.

    Each workshop (4 total) is designed to be facilitated quarterly throughout the school year.


    • Build support and momentum for Choose Love programming.
    • Enhance educators’ well-being through self-regulation techniques and strategies.
    • Cultivate connections amongst school staff through intentional community building.
    • Engage educators with strategies they use in their classrooms.

    Workshop Duration:

    Virtual Session: 4 workshops*, 90 minutes each
    In-Person Session: 4 workshops*, 90-120 minutes each

    *Recommended quarterly. Can be combined depending on availability.

    Scarlett Lewis Keynote

    Hear the inspirational story that started the movement.


    Scarlett Lewis, founder of the Jesse Lewis Choose Love Movement, champions love, resilience, forgiveness, and connection in schools and communities. Their no-cost Character Social Emotional Development programs (CSED) teach essential life skills, empowering educators and students to Choose Love in any situation. This session equips participants with the transformative Choose Love Formula, enabling them to integrate social-emotional practices into classrooms and communities. By fostering positive learning environments, this proactive approach addresses the diverse needs of students and transforms lives.


    • Participants will understand the Choose Love Formula, why it was created, what it includes, and how to apply it in the classroom.
    • Participants will be able to apply and implement simple practices in their daily lives to combat fatigue and anxiety, restore their vitality, and help them feel more emotionally and mentally empowered.
    • Participants will understand how they can take back their personal power and thoughtfully respond to challenges by choosing love.

    Workshop Duration:

    Virtual Session: 90 minutes
    In-Person Session: 90-120 minutes

    Packages & Custom Workshops Available!

    Kickoff Keynote Sessions with Scarlett Lewis

    What better way to kickoff the Choose Love For Schools™ program than with Scarlett, herself? Scarlett will share her inspirational story and the powerful data that supports Choose Love programming in a way that will unite, excite and motivate staff, parents, and anyone else to begin teaching Choose Love!

    Meet Our Certified Trainers

    Choose Love Program Director, NH; Certified Trainer

    Shannon Desilets

    Certified Trainer

    Aleshia Fleming

    Curriculum Writer, Certified Trainer

    Kim Harrison

    Curriculum Writer, Certified Trainer

    Lisa Mackenzie

    Certified Trainer

    Shae Owens

    Certified Trainer

    Rick Rood

    Choose Love Program Director, NH; Certified Trainer

    Shannon Desilets

    Shannon’s journey is an example of when one’s passion and purpose come together. At her core is the desire to help others. Shannon’s expertise in brain-based trauma therapy is what first introduced her to the Choose Love Movement, as she has provided therapy to the Newtown/Sandy Hook CT community for the last 10 years. She has been an instructor of this specialized therapy (MNRI), teaching and providing therapy worldwide. With a strong desire to work to bring the Choose Love Movement to her son’s school in NH, she became a Choose Love Ambassador, but things didn’t stop there.

    Shannon was appointed by and has worked directly out of the office of Governor Chris Sununu since August of 2018  Since this time, she has led the nation through the efforts and example being set by the state of NH, utilizing this Character Social Emotional Development lifespan program. She is a pivotal member of the School Safety Preparedness Taskforce, working directly with Homeland Security. Further, under her direction, New Hampshire has become the first in the nation to launch Choose Love for Caregivers (designed for foster parents and workers in the field), as well as Choose Love for Corrections.  She provides workshops for every division within the Department of Safety and various other state departments.

    Shannon is a published author for STRIVE magazine, sharing what NH has made happen with the Choose Love Movement. Shannon also leads the Choose Love Youth and College level Ambassadors.  In addition, she serves as the Choose Love liaison for governmental departments nationwide.

    Her heart shines when bringing the Choose Love Movement forward, and she is fueled to bring this to all!

    Email:shannon.m.desilets at

    Certified Trainer

    Aleshia Fleming

    Aleshia Fleming has dedicated herself to educating students in Texas for 24 years. She is currently a school counselor at Hillsboro Intermediate School in Hillsboro, Texas.

    Aleshia became a Choose Love Ambassador for the state of Texas in 2020 and has spread the message of Choosing Love with many educators and families. She has had the opportunity to lead the movement in her own district since 2018. Aleshia has presented throughout the state of Texas to educators and administrators sharing the impact Choose Love can make in schools, communities, and homes. She is also a facilitator for the Jesse Lewis Choose Love Foundation and hopes to help spread Jesse’s message of Nurturing, Healing, Love.

    Email:aleshia at

    Curriculum Writer, Certified Trainer

    Kim Harrison

    Kim Harrison is one of the curriculum writers for the Choose Love for Schools Program. Kim was a twenty year resident of Newtown, CT before moving to San Diego in 2015. Kim has a BA in Communication Studies, a MA in Elementary Education, and a MS in School Counseling, and has taught at the Elementary and Middle School levels.

    Kim had regional and statewide responsibilities for exploring new educational approaches to advance curriculum and was the recipient of several awards and grants including “Outstanding Prospective Teacher” from a pool of over 200 applicants.

    Kim is also a volunteer and Board Member of Words Alive, a local literacy based organization helping students to become lifelong learners through literature.


    Email:kim at

    Curriculum Writer, Certified Trainer

    Lisa Mackenzie

    Lisa MacKenzie is one of the curriculum writers for the Choose Love for School Program. While piloting the original Choose Love Enrichment Program several years ago, Lisa developed a Social Emotional Learning/Trauma Sensitive program to serve students with extreme social-emotional and behavioral needs, which earned the Distinguished Schools Award for her school.

    Lisa has spent her entire career, of over 30 years, helping struggling students become successful in school and life. She is a special education teacher, author, speaker, and nationally recognized educator. Lisa has her Master’s Degree in Special Education. She holds her Mild/Moderate and Multiple Subject credentials, a supplementary autism credential and single-subject science credential. In addition, she is a certified behavior specialist & mindfulness instructor.


    Email:lisa at

    Certified Trainer

    Shae Owens

    Shae Owens has a BS in Elementary Education and a MS in School Counseling.  She has been an educator for almost 30 years serving Texas schools as an elementary school teacher and counselor. She is currently the school counselor at Hillsboro Elementary School in Hillsboro, Texas.  Hillsboro ISD has been implementing Choose Love for Schools since 2018, and since that time Shae has experienced the many positive ways that Choose Love has transformed campus culture for both students and staff.

    Shae was recruited by Jesse as a Choose Love Ambassador for the state of Texas in 2020, and has had the opportunity to connect with educators throughout the state by presenting at conferences and workshops at the district, region, and state levels to introduce them to the Choose Love Movement. She is passionate about sharing the Choose Love message and believes Choose Love should be part of ALL campuses and communities.  Shae is excited to be part of the team of Choose Love workshop facilitators and looks forward to helping Choose Love GROW throughout not only Texas, but across the nation, by assisting other educators with implementing Choose Love for Schools at the campus and district levels.

    Email:shae at

    Certified Trainer

    Rick Rood

    Rick Rood has been on the front lines of Education for nearly 30 years, working directly with children and front-line staff.  With degrees in Education, Afterschool Care, and Applied Mathematics, Rick is a student of the thought leader movement, distilling lessons from master teachers like Jack Canfield, Tony Robbins, and Brendon Burchard – giving them practical application to education professionals.  Participants have described his workshops as “fascinating” and “life-changing.”

    Rick is a classroom teacher, and in the past he has run afterschool programs, taught music, computer programming, and youth leadership workshops.  Rick is a contributor to “Youth Today!” and is the author of “Games Teachers Play Before the Bell Rings”.  Rick is a Certified High Performance CoachTM and works privately and in groups with education professionals to help them achieve higher levels of performance in their work and personal lives.

    Rick is the driving force behind Transforming Teachers, Transforming Education, an organization rooted in the Positive Youth Development philosophy dedicated to training and inspiring youth-serving professionals.  Through Transforming Teachers, Rick has delivered workshops and keynotes to thousands of education professionals, helping teachers transform their “inner game” of teaching to better serve youth, children, and families.

    Rick and his team created the Beyond School Time Conference for Out-of-School-Time Professionals in 2018 as a way for California’s OST Professionals to connect, learn, and gather inspiration.

    Email:rick at


    3-Hour Choose Love Program Overview

    Registration Required.

    Choose Love makes these no cost graphics available to you.

    Additional merchandise is available in our store.






    Other Printable Materials



    Frequently asked questions about our program.

    What sets Choose Love for Schools™ apart from other SEL programs?

    At least three things. First it all started with Jesse and that inspirational story inspires everyone.

    If Scarlett could find courage, gratitude, forgiveness, and compassion after losing her 6-year old son, we all can. Second the emphasis on making Heroic Choices during our Choice Moments is super easy to understand and activate and it’s where all decisions originate. Third connection the head and the heart where lessons become life leading to safer and more uplifting environments we all want to live in.

    What standards does Choose Love for Schools align with?

    Choose Love For Schools™ is aligned with the new Character and Social Emotional Development Standards (CSED).  These standards include BOTH and CASEL’s standards.

    It also aligns with Common Core and ASCA Mindsets and Behaviors.

    Choose Love For Schools™ goes beyond these standards and ALSO incorporates Growth Mindset, Neuroscience, Mindfulness, Positive Psychology, Post-Traumatic Growth and Emotional Intelligence into the lessons.

    How does Choose Love For Schools™ encourage family involvement? Community?
    Choose Love For Schools™ units include a Caregiver Connection section that offers links to videos, activities and discussion topics from our Choose Love at Home program that was designed for quick, easy family instruction.

    Many of the Choose Love For Schools™ lessons encourage learners to think about ways they can apply the lessons to improving their communities, and we also proudly offer programs developed for Community organizations and for Athletes and Youth Leadership development because we are committed to helping extend the benefits of the Choose Love Formula™ beyond the classroom.

    Does Choose Love fit into the Multi-Tiered Systems of Support Model (MTSS?)
    Within the three levels of MTSS, Choose Love can be a universal support to ALL students. It can also be utilized in small groups with targeted support to provide short-term intervention by a counselor, or intervention teacher.  Choose Love For Schools™ is not a therapeutic program and may not be appropriate for intensive, individualized support and intervention for students with more intensive needs.
    Does the program address self-harm and/or suicide prevention?
    Choose Love For Schools™ addresses the cause of the suffering that often leads to self- harm.  Choose Love For Schools™ is not intended to be a replacement for therapy. Choose Love For Schools™ is an educational model, not a therapeutic model, and does not attempt to diagnose or provide therapeutic instruction.  The Choose Love For Schools™ curriculum can be easily adopted by Educators, Counselors and Social Workers.
    Why is literature central to the Pre-K through Grade 5 lessons in the new Choose Love For Schools™?
    The literature component is not necessary to teach the four pillars of the Choose Love Formula™; however, each book was hand-selected by our team in order to teach diversity, inclusion, and social justice.  The literature component is also what sets Choose Love For Schools™ apart.  Experiencing the literature and going on the journey with the characters emphasizes the Choose Love Formula™: Courage + Gratitude + Forgiveness + Compassion in Action = Choosing Love

    Literature is the pathway to the heart and connections with others.  It fosters positive self-esteem and empathy, supports inclusion, and nurtures respect and acceptance among students.  When students realize everyone feels the same emotions, no matter the color of their skin, where they come from, what language they speak, or how they look, they realize their similarities are more than their differences.

    Does Choose Love For Schools™ require training in order to implement?
    NO!  The curriculum is written so that the educators can learn alongside their students.  There is very little preparation required, making it easy to teach and easy to learn. We do, however, offer additional training and support which you can read more about in the Professional Development Workshops section
    How long does each lesson take to complete?
    Pre-K through 1st grade lessons take approximately 15-20 minutes; 2nd and 3rd take approximately 20-30 minutes; 4th and 5th take approximately  30-45 minutes.  The lessons are designed to be completely flexible.  They may be completed in one session or broken into smaller sessions throughout the day or over the week.
    Does the Jesse Lewis Choose Love Movement offer professional development opportunities?
    Yes!  Our team will connect you with your state ambassador who can help facilitate tailor-made professional development for your specific needs. Learn more here.
    How does Choose Love for Schools™ address bullying?

    It can be tempting to vilify bullies, but time and again we are reminded that hurt people, hurt people. Ultimately, it is essential to separate the person from the action. The Choose Love formula can be particularly effective resolve bullying behaviors.

     The formula involves elevating Choice Moments…the pause between a stimulus and response where everyone can either choose a courageous healthy response or a reactive one.  The Supervisor, the Bully, the Bullied, the Bystander, and Upstanders can learn how the formula can work to their advantage.

    •  Courage to choose a more thoughtful response essential to break free of our automatic reactive patterns.
    •  Gratitude to have the skills and wisdom to bring a new lens to the situation.
    •  Forgiveness for previous reactive responses without losing sight of accountability or limit setting.
    •  And Compassion-in-action to have a deeper appreciation that we are all the same in the want and need to love and be loved.

    Based in neuroscience, Choose Love not only reduces and prevents bullying but also allows everyone involved to hold onto their personal power. All of these actions disrupt the pathway to violence yielding healthier, happier, and especially safer environments where entire communities are uplifted.