A Formula for Next Generation Character Social Emotional Development (CSED)

For Prenatal, Infant/Toddlers, Pre-K through 12th Grade

We offer next generation Character Social Emotional Development programs for any age, from toddlers through adulthood.

Our flagship Choose Love Enrichment Program™ was designed for Pre-K through grade 12, and includes cutting-edge neuroscience and positive psychology to teach growth mindset and mindfulness while aligning with CASEL model standards, and is the first program of its kinds to also incorporate the state of the art Character Social Emotional Development (CSED) model standards established by

Our programming currently reaches:




What is the Choose Love Formula™?

When learned and practiced daily, these character values transform you, your relationships with others, and create a ripple effect of happiness, health and productivity throughout your school, home and community

And the best news is that, once you’ve learned them, you will have them in your tool belt for the rest of your life.


The willingness and ability to work through obstacles despite feeling embarrassment, fear, reluctance, or uncertainty.


Mindful thankfulness and the ability to be thankful even when things in life are challenging.


Choosing to let go of anger and resentment toward yourself or someone else, to surrender thoughts of revenge, and to move forward with your personal power intact.

Compassion in Action

BOTH the understanding of a problem or the suffering of another and acting to solve the problem or alleviate the suffering.