Award Winning Choose Love Movement Documentary by Peter Stewart

Sep 16, 2020 | Choose Love in Action

Newtown, CT (September 16, 2020) – The Jesse Lewis Choose Love Movement™ announced today a documentary about Choose Love created by Peter Stewart. The documentary has already received multiple accolades, including First Place at the ACM National Awards, Exceptional Merit at the Docs Without Borders Film Festival, and an Accolade Global Film Competition Award.

The Choose Love documentary explores how Scarlett Lewis, Chief Movement Officer of the Choose Love Movement, was inspired by three words, “Nurturing Healing Love,” left by her son Jesse to start a global movement to Choose Love, now being practiced in all 50 states and 100 countries. The movie illustrates how Scarlett’s vision has created a more peaceful and loving world. Appearances by Valerie Sununu, first lady of New Hampshire, Shannon Desilets, State of NH Program Director Choose Love, and Nicole Lyons, Director of Engagement, plus Choose Love Ambassadors.

Stewart met Scarlett four years ago while interviewing her for his documentary about people making a difference for peace, appropriately titled Peace Be With You, recognized by the Christian Film Festival 2018 for Best Documentary.

“I found Scarlett to be extraordinary and knew I had to make a documentary about this movement. I want to open up the world’s heart to the Choose Love Movement,” said Stewart. “After a bee sting our defense is to go down and in. And Scarlett’s sting was life threatening. How did she forgive the shooter? Scarlett did not go down and in. She went up and out! The answer is that she practices her curriculum.”

During the filming of Who’s My Neighbor and Hearts without Boarders, which address immigration justice, Stewart thought of how the Choose Love formula could soften hearts. “I wanted my documentary to show that in life we will always get stung, yet there is a way to heal. And this movement has the proven method grounded in science, proven by people’s lives, that it works!” he said. “Anyone can live by the formula, and they will change their life and the life of those around them for the better! I am honored to be part of this movement and to bring this documentary to fruition.”

“Peter has given a beautifully rendered and artistic depiction of the Choose Love Movement and a glimpse into our mission to create a safer, more peaceful and loving world. Taking the short colorful journey with Peter in this documentary will open your heart and lead you to an optimistic and hopeful place,” said Lewis.

Peter Stewart’s other films include There’s No Stopping the Power of God, The Softening of Hearts, Peace Be with You, St. Theresa’s Prayer, and I Love You More Than I Can Say. His work has been recognized by noted film festivals including the ACM National Awards, the Film Collective, Doctors without Boarders Film Festival, the Chautaqua Film Festival, and the International Film and Music Festival.

Choose Love For School™ is a no cost Infant, Toddler, and Pre-K through 12th grade, lifespan, next generation, social and emotional learning program that teaches educators and their students how to Choose Love in any circumstance and helps them become connected, resilient, and empowered individuals. These skills, tools and attitudes have been proven through decades of scientific research to be the best way to ensure a healthy, meaningful and purpose-filled life. Choose Love programs are in all 50 states and have been downloaded in 100 countries. Additional programs include Choose Love For Home™, For Communities, and For Athletes.

All no cost programs can now be accessed through ‘Choose Love Connect’, a community and program portal that also includes the ability for educators to exchange program and SEL tips, resources, and best practices with each other. ‘Choose Love Connect’ now serves as the “digital heartbeat” of the Choose Love Movement, offering anyone the ability to join our movement and become part of the solution for the problems our society is experiencing today.

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About The Jesse Lewis Choose Love Movement

Jesse Lewis, a six-year-old first grader, was a victim of the Sandy Hook tragedy whose action saved the lives of nine classmates. Jesse left behind a message on a household chalkboard, “Nurturing Healing Love” that became the inspiration for his mother, Scarlett, to found the Choose Love Movement.

The Jesse Lewis Choose Love Movement is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization with a commitment to reach students, educators and individuals, nationally and internationally, and provide them with a simple, yet profound formula for choosing love. Its signature program, Choose Love For Schools, is a no-cost infant/toddler through 12th grade curriculum that contains the simple universal teachings of courage, gratitude, forgiveness and compassion-in-action – the foundational concepts of Social and Emotional Learning (SEL). Choose Love For Home, Choose Love For Communities, and Choose Love For Athletes are also available.

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