Choose Love Enrichment Program Gets News Coverage in Arkansas

Oct 18, 2016 | General, SEL

Check out the news piece covering the launch of our pilot program, the Choose Love Enrichment Program, at Washington Elementary School in Northwest Arkansas.

I’m so proud of the group of educators that worked on this program diligently for 2 years, volunteering their time, working late nights after a day of teaching and then dinner-homework-bedtime for their own children. Researching, drafting, editing, rewriting, researching. They have produced a totally unique program that incorporates the best of the best. Their commitment to this project has paid off as the message to “Choose Love” spreads throughout our country, and our world!

THANK YOU to the administrators and educators who are courageously piloting this program as well! You are leading the way by cultivating a safer, more peaceful and loving world!


Choosing Love After Sandy Hook