Choose Love for World Health Day

Apr 6, 2022 | General, Videos

The Choose Love Movement is honoring World Health Day on April 7th by focusing attention on healthy lifestyles and well-being through the Choose Love Formula — courage, gratitude, forgiveness and compassion-in-action. 

For World Health Day we are honoring the opportunities for all of us to reach out in a compassionate way to support those in need, and to find a way to courageously change with forgiveness and love as a way to move forward in these trying times. 

In response to the war on Ukraine, Scarlett Lewis, founder, and our Canadian Ambassadors created a special well-being video for Ukranians, volunteers — including our Choose Love Board Member Chin Rodger who recently volunteered in Poland, and everyone who has been impacted by the stress, anxiety, pain and loss from the war. The tips, meditations and exercises can help clear the mind, calm for sleep, energize and lift spirits, and bring love back to yourself. 

On World Health Day, we all need to make sure we provide our own inner compassion so we can help the world be a more loving place for all.

Choose Love programs are available to everyone, and provide a way for families, schools, communities, and businesses to grow social emotional skills as well as character development and well-being practices. 

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