Choose Love Movement Founding Partner for First National ‘Mental Health Action Day’

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Encouraging People to Take a First Mental Health Action for Themselves or Others

More than a year into COVID-19 and amidst a most dire mental health crisis the Jesse Lewis Choose Love Movement and more than 1,000 organizations team up to plan inaugural ‘Mental Health Action Day’ on May 20th

Newtown, CT – The Jesse Lewis Choose Love Movement announced today, as a founding partner, the first-ever Mental Health Action Day on Thursday, May 20th, alongside 1000+ other organizations, brands, government agencies, and cultural leaders from more than 30 countries.

Together, we encourage and empower people to take a #MentalHealthAction. Go to to learn more and join our effort to shift the conversation from awareness to action on mental health!

Over the past two decades, suicide rates have risen, particularly among young adults. And the COVID pandemic has accelerated the already dire crisis, giving way to what many mental health professionals have called the “second pandemic.” 

Choose Love Call to Action
As a call to action, Choose Love created the Choose Love COVID-19 Recovery Action Plan offering support through our social and emotional wellness programming that encourages post-traumatic growth, helps you persevere over challenges, increases self-awareness, and reduces stress.

The Coronavirus Supplement is a collection of programs to allow parents, educators and children reconnect, rebuild and thoughtfully respond to the challenges of the pandemic. It includes a sneak peak of our newly created programs.

Choosing Love in Our Brave New World

This special Back-to-School Social and Emotional Wellness Unit was created to encourage post-traumatic growth and help students and teachers feel grounded, safe, welcome, accepted, seen, heard, cared for, and loved as they navigate the “new normal” of learning. Preview the K-12th grade or go to

Choose Love CARES

Experiential” Professional Development Workshops are designed to nourish and inspire depleted educators and administrators while simultaneously creating a roadmap for successful implementation/instruction of Choose Love programming, including:

·         Foundations in Choosing Love: SELf Care for Leaders and Educators

·         Choose Love Master Class Series

·         Choose Love Implementation & Support Programs

Get a sneak peek on May 20th on Choose Love social media or go to for more information.

How To SEL

Our How-to SEL coaching subscription teaches educators and parents how to easily incorporate social and emotional strategies into their daily lives. This first-of-its-kind monthly subscription is a collaboration between Jesse Lewis Choose Love Movement’s Scarlett Lewis and SEL expert and parenting coach Caroline Maguire, and offers professionally-developed ‘how-to’ instructional videos, activities, and a live monthly Q&A with Scarlett and Caroline that is convenient and affordable. 

Get a sneak peek on May 20th on Choose Love social media or go to for more information.

Changing Mental Health Awareness into Action

Though more people than ever are comfortable discussing mental health, finding effective resources and knowing how to get help remains a challenge.  Mental Health Action Day is an open-source movement of brands, organizations and cultural leaders to drive culture from mental health awareness to mental health action.  

Partners will encourage people to take mental health action — whether for themselves, for their loved ones or to advocate for systemic changes. Resources and tools will be available for people to seek help in a myriad of ways from starting a meditation practice, learning how to support a friend, or advocating for change.

“From Covid-19 to economic struggles and the continuing fight for racial justice, the other half of the twin pandemic is the rise of our mental health challenges,” said Erika Soto Lamb, Vice President of Social Impact Strategy at MTV Entertainment Group. “This is a critical moment to shift our culture from mental health awareness to mental health action and MTV is proud to come together with diverse cross-sector leaders on this inaugural day to encourage and empower people to take action — for themselves, for their loved ones or for the systemic changes needed to improve our social and emotional wellbeing.”

“People are feeling overwhelmed, even to a breaking point, where their mental health and wellness is going unchecked and untreated. On May 20th, be part of the solution and help spread awareness of the mental health conditions that are affecting everyone amidst COVID-19 and whose current conditions are intensifying, and take action,” says Scarlett Lewis, founder of the Jesse Lewis Choose Love Movement. “This is a time when we truly need to place the focus on hope, healing, and connection for ourselves, our family, our friends, and the entire world. Choose Love has the resources to help you.” 

Mental Health Action Day is being planned in partnership with TaskForce, a cultural organizing agency that builds capacity for those taking on the most pressing challenges facing our communities, our nation and our world.

“There is so much suffering in the world and we need to address it before it starts. Every one of us can take our personal power back by thoughtfully responding to what is happening to us and take on the responsibility to take action to help ourselves and to help others. At Choose Love we teach essential life skills that help people face difficulties and grow through them and be strengthened by them,” says Scarlett Lewis, encouraging everyone to be the solution and inspiring people to take the first action to support themselves and others.

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About Mental Health Action Day

Mental Health Action Day is an open-source movement of brands, organizations and cultural leaders to drive culture from mental health awareness to mental health action. The first Mental Health Action Day will take place on May 20, 2021 with a mission to encourage and empower people to take mental health action — whether for themselves, for their loved ones or to advocate for systemic changes, because mental health is health. Learn more at   

About the Jesse Lewis Choose Love Movement

Jesse Lewis, a six-year-old first grader, was a victim of the Sandy Hook tragedy whose action saved the lives of nine classmates. Jesse left behind a message on a household chalkboard, “Nurture, Healing, Love” that became the inspiration for his mother, Scarlett, to found the Choose Love Movement. 

The Jesse Lewis Choose Love Movement is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization with a commitment to reach students, educators, and individuals, nationally and internationally, and provide them with a simple, yet profound formula for choosing love. The Choose Love Programs are comprehensive, no cost, lifespan, next-generation social and emotional learning and character development programs. Its signature program, Choose Love For Schools™, is a no-cost infant/toddler through 12th grade curriculum that contains the simple universal teachings of courage, gratitude, forgiveness, and compassion-in-action – the foundational concepts of Social and Emotional Learning (SEL). Choose Love For Home™, Choose Love For Communities™, and Choose Love For Athletics™ are also available.

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