Choose Love Movement partners with Genevieve Lau Jewelry on Limited Edition Necklace for Families in Crisis

May 6, 2020 | General, Press Releases

Newtown, CT (May 6, 2020) –  The Jesse Lewis Choose Love Movement is pleased to announce its partnership with Jennifer Lau, owner of Genevieve Lau Jewelry of Westport, on a limited-edition Choose Love necklace. For every “Choose Love” necklace sold, Genevieve Lau will donate a necklace to a family touched by tragedy or suffering. The Choose Love Movement is a non-profit organization honoring Jesse Lewis, a six-year-old victim of the Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy, that  provides no-cost next-generation social and emotional learning and character development.  

The necklace honors the work of the Choose Love Movement and offers love, support, and kindness to someone who has experienced suffering. Made in New York City, the 14-karat rose, white, or yellow gold necklace features a cutout heart with “Choose Love” embossed in a circular pattern. Necklaces are available online or for purchase at various locations in Connecticut, including Mitchells in Westport;Richards in Greenwich; and the Mayflower Inn & Spa in Washington. The necklace is also available at Wilkes Bashford in Palo Alto, California; and Mario’s in Seattle and Portland.  

The Choose Love necklace is Lau’s sixth charity necklace that is a one-for-one donation where for every one sold, one is donated. “Giving back is who we are – it’s what drives us. I’m fortunate enough to be doing something that I love and have the platform to reach so many people,” said Jennifer Lau. “I am thrilled to partner with the Choose Love Movement as an empowering way for us to all be part of making the world a safer and better place. Living in Connecticut and having young school-age children, we were all very touched by Sandy Hook. I’m inspired how Scarlett had the most unimaginable thing happen to her and was able to find a way to help others by starting a charity that is making a difference in so many lives.”

Scarlett appreciates the opportunity to collaborate with Jennifer on this special necklace. “It’s not only a lovely piece of jewelry — it serves as a reminder to always Choose Love over anger, be inspired by Jesse’s words and know that love is ‘nurturing’ and ‘healing’. It’s the only way we can overcome life’s difficulties,” says Lewis. “Being loved is a basic human need, and now I can share those words with others through this amazing necklace. After my son died I decided to be part of the solution by building a culture of love, resilience, and forgiveness at a time when it is needed the most to help create a safer, more peaceful world,” she says.

 About Genevieve Lau Jewelry

Genevieve Lau Jewelry was created by Jennifer Lau, a mother of five and a local resident of Westport. Her unique and elegant jewelry line is designed to celebrate women who are inspiring, confident, and compassionate. She creates high-quality, unique and accessible jewelry that is made in New York City. Her popular “LOVED” necklace was designed to make the wearer feel good. With that same purpose in mind, for every “LOVED” necklace sold, Lau donated one to a woman with cancer. Her collection resembles her huge heart and continues to make people smile. Genevieve Lau’s collection has now expanded to include six charity pieces — the Clover for children with cancer, the Imperfect Yet Perfect Heart for children with heart defects, Always for Alzheimer’s, Joy for mental health, and now Choose Love.

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Pamela Brown, Marketing/Outreach Specialist

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