Choosing Love in Uganda

Mar 6, 2017 | General

Jane Ekayu, founded the Children of Peace Uganda to begin a global dialog on the issues of child soldier and offer healing to children suffering from long-term trauma. 
In February, Jane worked with Scarlett in Hawaii and Connecticut in preparation for bringing the Choose Love program to Uganda. While in CT, Jane spoke at the WestConn Peacejam at the Western CT University, Johnathan Law High School in Milford, CT and made a special presentation in Newtown, CT, “Overcoming Tragedy with the Power of Forgiveness”.
After working on the frontlines in Uganda, Jane began engaging in global dialogue on the issues of child soldiers, recovery and renewal, Children of Peace Uganda was born. Healing therapy, education, vocational training, and creative arts are fundamental aspects of the program. She began her work as a counselor at the Rachele Rehabilitation Centre in Northern Uganda from 2004-2006 as a trauma therapist for former child soldiers rescued from the Lords’ Resistance Army. After the center closed, Jan recognized that there was a great need to follow-up with the boys and girls once they were reunited with their families to address long-term challenges such as prolongued trauma, lack of education and economic security, health complications and stigmatization. Jane has been a featured speaker at the UN General Assembly Hall and the International Criminal Courts among many others.