Choosing Love: The Powerful Antidote to Anxiety

May 21, 2024 | General, Scarlett's Blog

By Scarlett Lewis, Chief Movement Officer

In the intricate tapestry of human emotions, anxiety often weaves threads of unease and apprehension. However, within the realm of our emotional choices lies a transformative power – the ability to choose love over fear. The Choose Love Formula™, comprising courage, gratitude, forgiveness, and compassion in action, emerges as a beacon guiding us away from the clutches of anxiety. Let’s delve into the profound impact of this formula, backed by research, and explore how Choosing Love becomes the solution to anxiety.

Understanding the Fear-Anxiety Connection:

Anxiety often finds its roots in our fear center, triggering impetuous reactions that can exacerbate stress. Neuroscientific research, including studies by Dr. Joseph LeDoux, director of the Emotional Brian Institute, and author of ‘Anxious,’ underscores the intricate connection between fear and anxiety within the brain’s neural pathways. His research concludes that anxiety is not innate but a cognitive interpretation that can be adjusted.

The Choose Love Formula™: A Thoughtful Response:

The Choose Love Formula™ serves as a powerful framework for navigating the emotional landscape. Each component plays a distinct role in fostering a thoughtful response:

Courage: The courage to face challenges and uncertainties head-on. Research, such as that conducted by Dr. Albert Bandura, highlights the positive impact of courage in reducing anxiety and building resilience.

Gratitude: Gratitude acts as a counterbalance to anxiety by shifting our focus from what’s lacking to the abundance in our lives. Studies, including those by Dr. Robert A. Emmons, indicate that practicing gratitude can significantly reduce stress and anxiety.

Forgiveness: The act of forgiveness liberates us from the shackles of resentment, contributing to emotional well-being. Research by Dr. Fred Luskin demonstrates the therapeutic effect of forgiveness in reducing anxiety and improving mental health.

Compassion in Action: Putting compassion into action involves kindness and empathy, not only towards others but also towards oneself. Studies in compassion research like those of physician scientists Stephen Trzeciak, M.D., and Anthony Mazzarelli, M.D.,  prove that practicing compassion is a support power that can help you love better, and longer. Research in positive psychology, such as those by Dr. Barbara Fredrickson, reveal the positive impact of compassion on emotional well-being. Her Broaden and Build theory is based on how positive emotions garnered through compassion can result in escalating resilience. 

Meeting Unmet Needs through Positive Action:

Anxiety often stems from unmet emotional needs. Choosing Love through positive actions allows us to address these needs, creating a sense of fulfillment and well-being. Research in psychology, including the work of Dr. Abraham Maslow on human needs, emphasizes the importance of fulfilling higher-order needs for psychological well-being. Love is now considered as necessary as food, water and shelter!

The Superpower of Choice:

Our inherent superpower as humans lies in the ability to choose, moment to moment, how we respond to life’s challenges. This power to choose love over fear is supported by neuroscientific findings, such as those elucidated by Dr. Jeffrey M. Schwartz, considered one of the world’s leading experts, in his work on neuroplasticity. Author of “The Mind & The Brain” Dr, Schwartz shares his powerful discovery that we can permanently rewire our brains by redirecting our behaviors away from negativity. We can do this by practicing compassion in action!

Reducing Anxiety Through Thoughtful Response:

When faced with anxiety-inducing situations, the Choose Love Formula™ empowers us to thoughtfully respond with love. This response, backed by positive action, creates a ripple effect that not only soothes our own anxieties but also contributes to a more compassionate and understanding world.

In conclusion, Choosing Love over fear is not merely a sentiment; it is a dynamic and scientifically-supported approach to alleviating anxiety. The Choose Love Formula™, with its components of courage, gratitude, forgiveness, and compassion in action, emerges as a guiding light in our journey towards emotional well-being and resilience. As we navigate the complex terrain of emotions, let us harness the transformative power of choosing love and cultivate a life where love prevails over anxiety.