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Community supporters

We are so grateful for the support of these courageous leaders who’ve stepped up to make a difference in their communities through their work. 

The individuals and organizations listed below donate a portion of their proceeds to the Choose Love Movement to help us bring essential life skills to schools, homes, and communities around the world.

“There is nothing more beautiful than someone who goes out of their way to make life beautiful for others.”

Mandy Hale

Spotlighting businesses

Lovesome Images studio

Terry Lee Cafferty is a mom, photographer, artist, greeting card designer and owner of Lovesome Images Portrait design studio. She makes art for the storytellers, the dreamers, and the lovers. She will help you savor those soon to be ‘good ol days’ by bringing some stillness to life’s never ending movement.

Made with love. Defined by creativity. Meant to inspire. Be sure to visit The Card Shop & Gallery where you will find the most magical cards your people have ever received and fine art prints to warm up your home or office.

Learning Infinite Possibilities

Learning Infinite Possibilities supports people who are struggling with stress at home, school and work to take back control so they can create more work-life balance, kick stress to the curb & get back to enjoying their life!

Paula Nowak is a speaker, stress management + well-being coach & body + mind facilitator. Paula offers mindset & well-being coaching, stress strategies & well-being experiential workshops & courses for individuals, businesses & community organizations. Paula will assist you to navigate stress & reclaim your joy!

Placebos Mints

To provide a way for people to express support to their friends who are suffering from various negative mindsets. Giving the gift of of Placebos mints says, “I’m with you” in a fun, lighthearted way.

To provide a way for people to practice mindfulness, visualizing the positive benefit they desire and believing it can happen.

To provide practical suggestions for how to handle a variety of issues, reminding people that they are not alone, that there is hope, and that there is action they can take to begin to free themselves of difficulties.

Michelle Greenwell

Michelle Greenwell is a consultant, examiner, adjudicator, workshop facilitator, Touch for Health and Tai Chi Instructor, a movement specialist, and a Choose Love Canadian Ambassador.

From her home base in Cape Breton, she provides a great variety of dance and body-wellness classes, workshops, seminars and even home parties.

She is also the president of CanBeWell, a bioenergetic wellness nonprofit organization. They actively encourage the pursuit of well-being and self-care for all, advocating for choices in health and wellness. 


Genevieve Lau

strength & grace boutique

Luvli clothing & lifestyle

J. Gresham design

BSP Insurance

Lovesome images studio

Being an Ambassador for the Choose Love Movement is something that is near and dear to my heart. It has been a true calling for me since I met Scarlett in 2016 and learned about Jessie’s message and her mission. Being a part of this movement was no brainer for me because deep down I knew it was now part of my purpose to help spread this message around the world if we are going to build a better future for the generations to come. I feel Jesse’s message to the world is one of the most important aspects needed in the healing of our mental health and in elevating the human condition at this moment in time.

My brand embodies connection, love, humor and moving humanity forward with products and a heartfelt business strategy. My social responsibility is at the heart of my operations by donating a portion of my proceeds to JLCL.

I practice the Choose Love Formula every single day!
When I experience anxiety, grief, or the thousands of negative thoughts we all tend to experience in our daily lives, I turn to these principals and find peace of mind when I use them.
Finding the Courage to be honest, to take care of and be more unapologetically myself every day by overcoming fear and choosing LOVE instead, is key to a happy and fulfilled lifestyle.
Practicing Gratitude is an everyday experience when I focus on all the good in my life and what I do have, rather than dwell on what is going wrong, experiencing imposter syndrome or envy.

Gratitude allows me to celebrate others by using these emotions to empower myself and know that all good things are there.

Even in difficult, challenging times we can be grateful for all of it – the good and bad.
Forgiveness is the key to it all, really. I ask myself every day who I need to forgive and how I can do better in that area. Sometimes it’s a process and forgiveness seems impossible. Then I remember to see beyond the obvious circumstances, and I remember Scarlett and Jessie and the Sandy Hook shooting, and how the need to love and be loved is at the core of it all. We all want mercy so it’s important to remember to GIVE mercy, as well.
Compassion in Action is not a hard one for me because having an empathic personality, I truly enjoy doing for others.
It’s my jam … to a fault sometimes, but that’s ok. Let me explain. What I learned through the Choose Love Movement and the work of Dr. Chris Kukk, is the difference between having empathy for someone and compassion in action. When I feel empathy for a person, I tend to feel their pain and thinking this is a good thing, it’s actually not! When empathy for a situation is something I take on as my own, my brain tells me it’s real and my cortisol levels go up as if I’m actually experiencing that person’s pain. But, by practicing compassion in action … instead of going in the hole with them, I can offer a ladder and a hand to get them out of the hole which is actually more productive and helpful. This kind of practice in compassion actually increases dopamine and serotonin in the brain and makes us feel better while we make another person feel better by helping them. So cool, right?
My inspiration comes from celebrating connection between loved ones and our communities. My intention is to positively impact others by helping you connect with your favorite people. I build unique products providing communication with a platform to share and preserve life’s stores while inspiring others through creativity, art and dialogue. Knowing I can help others see the awe and wonder in life is everything to me because everywhere I look these days, there are people who are collectively struggling to connect with one another. My cards, my photography, and my art is inspired by the heart & soul of childhood, nature, ordinary moments and life’s adventures.
The idea of designing greeting cards haunted my daydreams for a very long time.
I’ve wanted to make greeting cards since the 80’s, but always knew that if it were possible to make a good living from these cards, I would promise myself and God to give back in some special way. When I learned about Choose Love, I knew in my gut I had found my purpose for making these cards 30+ years later. What I didn’t realize is that all these years of experience would gift me with the multitude of images and quotes I’ve collected to work with!! You know what they say, “don’t give up on your daydream!” But, still, I struggled to make it happen. Raising a family and owning a portrait business kept that dream simmering on the back burner. Then in February of 2019, we all found ourselves facing a worldwide pandemic, the whole world shut down and the word “lockdown” became our reality. It was crystal clear now and I knew this was the time so Sending Love was born. More than ever, I felt people needed to connect in meaningful ways and couldn’t get out to purchase cards, so … that daydream of mine was now a reality!

Being a local business in a small town is rewarding because of the relationships I’m able to make, hands down! It’s all about relationship in portraiture … the relationship with each other, between photographer and subject and ultimately between subject and viewer. In addition, I’m grateful for the opportunity to give back to the community by donating my time and services to worthwhile causes to help make the world a better place, positively impacting children – especially the work I do with the Choose Love Movement. My greeting cards and my artwork take me out into the community in ways that help me connect, uplift and make a difference in a person’s life by allowing them to see themselves, the beauty of life and each other in a real way. Of course, my ultimate intention for my Sending Love Greeting Card Collection is to transform into a worldwide business, but as Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “Life is a journey, not a destination.” And so it goes …Thank you to everyone who chooses me to preserve your stories and make your moments tangible. I’m nothing without the community behind me. I can’t change the whole world, but I can help change my small part of the world.


Learning Infinite Possibilities

I grew up in a chaotic and stressful home environment. My nervous system was constantly on high alert. Attending to learning was challenging and processing information was hard work. I was taught to suppress my emotions. I did not have a well-regulated parent available to provide me with nurturing healing love. I often felt anxious at school and home. As a child and teen, I just wanted to feel good each day. Thankfully some amazing neighbours and teachers introduced me to movement and the outdoors. Movement in nature allowed my body to feel good. Eventually, my goal was to teach others how to feel good at home, school and work. Choose Love aligns with my intention as an educator to cultivate connection and belonging for every child. As a well-being coach and body + mind facilitator, I empower others to navigate stress, pursue well-being and to reclaim their joy. I teach children and adults how to calm their nervous system and integrate their emotional charge through movement, wellness modalities, and empowering well-being techniques. Nurturing our inner and outer well-being is self-compassion and self-love in action. Choose Love strengthens and empowers children and adults with practical tools to navigate stress and conflict and to create a world that values and cultivates connection and nurturing healing love.

On an intellectual level, I love the 4-character values of the Choose Love formula. For me, the Choose Love formula is about putting all of these components into action. My intention is to experience the components of the Choose Love formula on a body and a heart level. As I embody the Choose Love formula, I have come to recognize that I must begin inward with me before I share these values outward. The formula of courage, gratitude, forgiveness, compassion and love needs to be turned inward on a daily basis. What does inner courage, gratitude, forgiveness and compassion in action look like? When I experience unconditional compassion, gratitude and forgiveness towards myself I can view the world with a loving and compassionate heart. I have learned that providing my inner world with compassion, gratitude, forgiveness and love is the most loving thing that I can do for myself and for others. 

Everyday I get to do what I love. I feel blessed to work with people who want to make a positive change in their lives, in their families, in their work, and in their communities. Our deepest desire is to love and be loved. Each day, I witness people reconnecting and reclaiming their joy, radiance, and their inner love. We do this by reconnecting with ourselves on a body and heart level. We begin the inward practice with unconditional inner compassion. It’s inspiring to see clients and participants shift from stress into well-being.

I teach clients and participants how to navigate stress and reclaim their joy. To observe someone visibly shift their stress level in a class, an experiential workshop or in a one-on-one session makes my heart sing! When a participant or a client realizes that they are empowered to shift their stress and calm their nervous system, it’s a gift to witness. 

I interact personally with every client. Whether working one-on-one or presenting workshops, being a small business allows me to set the pace and direction of what I offer to others in support of their well-being. I appreciate being available to people who live within driving distance for in-person sessions, but also enjoy opportunities to present experiential wellness workshops virtually and in person. I feel blessed to connect with so many inspiring people locally and internationally.

Placebos Mints

My entire career in education has been about helping kids learn social-emotional skills–whether I was teaching peer counseling, psychology, or theatre or working as a school counselor.  Now as an entrepreneur, I’ve put that passion into my products, Placebos Mints & Gum.  Our mission is to make mental health fun and to normalize everyday struggles by offering a fun, clever product that educates and encourages people.  I find my high school friend and Choose Love Movement’s founder, Scarlett, to be an inspiration on so many levels, and I love what she’s doing with social-emotional learning.  How could I not want to support it?  

I am always trying to Choose Love in every moment because my life is richer, more relaxed, and more fun when I can slow down, not react, but intentionally choose my response to what’s happening to me. That’s what the Placebo Effect is all about, too–using the power of your mind to create an outcome that you desire. I desire love for myself, for my friends and family, for my community, for the world. So Choosing Love for me is all about remembering that life is precious and short and beautiful, and so I try to express love and gratitude as much as I can. 

What inspires me is knowing that each package of mints and gum that we put out in the world has the potential to truly impact someone. Maybe the advice inside our product will contribute to their realizing that they can handle whatever it is, or encourage them to ask for help, or inspire them to create something beautiful. I’m truly a teacher and counselor, not a sales person, so every day that I have to focus on sales, I think about the fact that the more Placebos we sell, the more we can donate to mental health organizations like Choose Love Movement. That keeps me going.

I have recently started dressing up in a pink unicorn onesie, calling myself Peppy, the peer counseling unicorn, and doing live events outside of my retailers locations. I made a “wheel of fortune” type wheel, and people can spin the wheel, talk about the topic it lands on, and then receive free placebos! It’s so fun because strangers of all kinds are happy to spin the wheel and just talk to me for 5 minutes. You’d be surprised how real these conversations can get in a small amount of time. For me, it’s a fun way to combine my counseling and theatre skills.

I love running my business in my small town. As my business grows, it’s like everybody is cheering me on. I hire local teenagers who come and hang out in our production space. The postal workers celebrate and encourage me when I come in with packages to send out. My mom volunteers many hours putting our product together. I share work space with another small-business owner and we support each other every day in working through our challenges.

Michelle Greenwell

The Choose Love movement is so simple and makes so much sense.  If we are responsible for each other, then we have the opportunity to engage in compassionate care, in forgiveness for things outside of our control, for the courage to try new things and be part of a larger group with the same goals, and of course, to live each day with the ability to be grateful for all that we have and all that is possible.  By supporting this movement, we create a wave of action that everyone may be doing parts of already.  To bring in the full formula makes everything so possible and in flow.  I was attracted right from the beginning and I light up just thinking about connecting with Choose Love people!

I have made this a lifestyle choice.  I try to engage in activities throughout my day that brings the formula to me in my thoughts and actions, and then outwardly as well.  The formula has easily infused itself in all the choreography, projects, outreach, connections that I make daily in my personal life and in business.  It is just so natural.  There are days when it is easier than others, but on those days I usually have used an old pattern or belief that needed to be changed, and I am getting faster at making those changes to use the formula and complete the  process.

I am inspired when I can assist someone to be self-reliant, well, and pro-active in being healthy and cared for. My tools in bioenergetic wellness provide self-empowerment in the natural make up, and when you apply the Choose Love Formula to these actions it is like a multi-dimensional bubble bath of love that we can choose daily. 

I use movement to create healing potential for the body – tools that are joyous.  The tools can be used by any age, and at any time.  It is so cool!

I have been an entrepreneur for almost 4 decades, and I have been an educator since I was a kid.  I appreciate that I have been able to build the business in a way that was true to my beliefs and objectives, and that the community and friendships I have built along the way have been rich, diverse and supportive.  It means a lot to know that your energy and passion can support your community and help others to grow.  I love being an entrepreneur.