I’m unable to download, what do I do? How do I download a Program?

Depending on your needs, we have provided the capability to download the entire grade, a whole unit, as well as lesson by lesson. Please make sure that you’ve registered on our site at ChooSELoveMovement.org/join. Also, before you can download, you must be logged in to our site. You can double-check by looking in the upper right side of the home page. If it says “Log In”, then you need to click it to access and download any of our programs. If it reads “Logout”, then you are already logged in.

How to Download an Entire Grade:

  1. In order to download, you must first access the (Original) Choose Love Enrichment Program at ChooSELoveMovement.org/Enrichment-Program/.
  2. You will see all the grades listed. Select the grade you would like to download.
  3. The items listed under the Table of Contents should be clickable. If not, then there should be an Access button to click at the top of the page.
  4. Once within the grade, there will be a Syllabus listing all of the contents. 
  5. ‘Download All Lessons’ is listed under the Introduction. Click it and it will take you to a download page with easy instructions.

How to Download a Unit:

  • Be sure that you have already followed the first 3 steps above.
  • Once you see the Syllabus, the first option under each unit is to download it. Click that and it takes you to a download page with easy instructions.

How to Download a Lesson:

  • Each lesson has a download button that is located in the gray menu bar that runs across the top of the Lesson page. The download button looks like a page with a down arrow. Click that to download the lesson.

Please contact support@jesselewischooselove.org if you have any technical issues.

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