Is Choose Love CASEL Certified?

Choose Love is aligned with CASEL’s 5 core competencies, as well as the Model Character Social and Emotional development standards (CSED) set forth by Character.org, ASCA, and common core. In addition, Choose Love actually exceeds CASEL certification requirements (more on this below). We have also previously collaborated with researchers at the University of Arkansas, and others, to systematically evaluate our program’s effectiveness and also periodically assess and address quality improvement, as needed. All things considered, Choose Love has opted not to go through the CASEL certification process due to the exorbitant costs associated with this process (estimated to cost more than $200,000). One of our main priorities of the Choose Love Movement has always been to keep our programs available at no-cost to ensure that every student can have access to our lifespan SEL and Character Development resources, regardless of economic standing or a school’s ability to pay. Therefore, we have forgone this certification process currently and have remained not only in alignment with requirements, we have exceeded what is needed for certification through our next-generation SEL program that also incorporates CSED standards, as well as evidence-based principles of neuroscience, positive psychology, growth mindset, mindfulness, and more.

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