Donor Newsletter & Giving Tuesday Now- April 2020

Apr 29, 2020 | Donor News, Fundraisers

Donor Newsletter – April 2020

Giving Tuesday Now Triple Match


Dear Choose Love Movement Donor Family,

I hope this finds you well. We are living in a brave new world now and this takes tremendous courage, presence and compassion. In this time of increasing ‘distancing’ we wanted to reach out and to tell you that we’re here for you and those we serve. We are doubling down on our efforts to get our vital message of “Nurturing Healing Love” to individuals in the U.S. and across the world. Our programs facilitate connection, the lack of which can be disastrous, and our message is needed now more than ever!

This vital message and mission is what the world needs now! Our goal is to teach essential life skills including positive relationships, emotional management, resilience and perhaps most importantly, how to CHOOSE LOVE OVER ANXIETY AND FEAR. We provide a simple method called the Formula for Choosing Love:

Nature is a powerful force. A caterpillar eats leaves until it’s full then finds a safe place to get into a protective shell known as a chrysalis from which it eventually emerges, transformed into a butterfly. Right now, we are all cocooned in our homes but after some time, we too will emerge, stronger, more resilient, more connected and ready to spread our wings and fly!

We need your donations right now to enable us to serve our nation as we work indirectly on the frontlines addressing social isolation and proactive and preventative mental health! Each dollar provides a scholarship for one child to experience the Choose Love Program for one year and learn essential life skills they will use for a lifetime! Your legacy is written in the hearts and minds of individuals around the world that will ripple out for generations. Thank you for helping create the world we all want to live in and for Choosing Love!

“Giving Tuesday Now on May 6, 2020 Triple Match!”


Donate on Giving Tuesday Now and your donation dollars will be tripled!

The Tapping Solution has generously offered once again to match up to $5,000! Plus on May 5th, GoFundMe will also match your donation up to $1,000. Please donate so we can generate the most dollars possible and continue providing no-cost programming for our schools, homes, and communities.


Make any donation between now and May 5th and you will gain exclusive access to a live Donor Dinner Webinar with Scarlett Lewis on May 5th at 8 PM EST.
Now more then ever we need to provide our no-cost social and emotional learning to children and adults who need help getting through this unprecedented time.


It starts with COURAGE because courage is the most important of the character values and empowers us to embrace all the rest.

Jesse showed tremendous COURAGE when he stood up to the shooter who stormed his 1st grade classroom and saved 9 of his classmates’ lives before losing his own — in fact, Jesse is on the short list for the Presidential Medal of Freedom for his bravery, the highest civil award. We are standing up to a different kind of enemy now, collectively, and our response needs to be just as courageous. Scientific research tells us that we can strengthen our courage with practice. We can choose love, caring, compassion and calm over anxiety and fear in any situation, circumstance or interaction.

GRATITUDE comes next in the formula. We call it the great mindshifter because we can’t focus on two thoughts at once. Choosing to find something to be grateful for can replace those anxious, fearful or even angry thoughts!

Practicing courage and gratitude strengthens us to consider FORGIVENESS. Now is a vital time to take your personal power back by letting go of anger and resentment that you’ve held onto for someone or something that’s hurt you. In a lifespan study, Harvard University found healthy relationships are the key to happiness and forgiveness is a crucial component. This can positively impact your physical health as well.

This enables us to step outside our comfort zones to help one another with COMPASSION IN ACTION. When we do this we are choosing love. When we thoughtfully respond with love we are using our prefrontal cortex and basing decisions on reason and logic.


We are excited to announce the launch of Choose Love For The Workplace™.

This unique and flexible program is designed to offer essential life skills that leaders and employees can utilize immediately to improve their lives, personally and professionally.

Our programming strengthens interpersonal relationships, fosters a more cohesive workforce, and empowers individuals and teams with a solution that results in a safer, more peaceful loving world.

Programming includes:

  • Positive Psychology
  • Resilience
  • Emotional & Social Intelligence


Jerry Alena is the National Director of Corporate Development for the Jesse Lewis Choose Love Movement™ and the face of our new Choose Love For The Workplace™ Program.

How did you first start your journey with the Choose Love Movement™?

Our families have been close for a long time. Scarlett’s son, JT, and my son Jordan have been friends since 2006 when they were in first grade. They room together at UConn now as sophomores. I began serving on the board immediately after the  Choose Love Movement™ was founded.

How did the idea come about for the Choose Love For The Workplace™ Program?

After retiring from 30 years in financial services leading high performing teams, Scarlett approached me about building a Choose Love For The Workplace™ Program. We have received many inquiries. The new program is a high-end Emotional and Social Intelligence (ESI) consulting program designed to change workplace culture, build high-performing teams, and generate a more collaborative environment. Programs are customized to the needs of each workplace. It is available on a workshop or a subscription basis.

Why is the Workplace Initiative important to you?

The initiative is designed to serve the workplace while serving the local communities in their own backyard. The fees for our work go right back into the Movement, helping to keep schools, homes and communities safe. It also changes workers’ lives individually. Their success helps everyone become “part of the solution” and build a better world.

What are the plans for the Choose Love For The Workplace™ Program and where do you see its success in 5 years from now?

I believe that the results organizations will see will make the Choose Love For The Workplace™ Program sought after and see robust growth. We are already looking into building out the organization to meet demand. In 5 years I would hope to see this become one of the most sought after training programs in the business.


How did the Daily Dose of Love come to be?

The Daily Dose of Love was created to highlight the outpouring of positive feedback we receive on a regular basis from our program users.  Schools, homes and communities have been sharing beautiful pictures, creative videos, emails and testimonials each and every day.  Donors can sign up for this daily email and see for themselves how their generous donations are directly impacting students, educators, parents, caregivers, and communities across the country and the world! It is incredible to witness how Choosing Love is making the world a better place.

How have our users and supporters responded to the Daily Dose of Love?

We started offering the Daily Dose of love at the beginning of this year.  We’ve had an overwhelming positive response. We want to make sure our donors know about it! Our Choose Love family of donors are the reason these special Choose Love moments are happening all across the globe. It’s amazing to see the positive and transforming outcomes that we have created together by making this programming available for everyone! Those students who would otherwise be priced out of the market, as my son was, can now learn essential life skills that will enhance their futures and enable them to flourish!

What is the future goal of the Daily Dose of Love?

Our message and programming have reached millions of people. The Daily Dose of Love provides daily evidence of what our world can be when people thoughtfully respond with love! Everyone can have a Daily Dose of Love!


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