Helping all to Notice Love in their Lives

Nov 8, 2020 | Choose Love in Action

Amy Amico, Ed.D, is a teacher at the John C. Page Elementary School in West Newbury MA. She shares how she has begun to incorporate Choose Love in her unique position at her school:
“I was a traditional elementary classroom teacher for 28 years but a few years ago I became a FLEX Teacher and I’m flexible to have my position change each year with our student needs. This year I am thrilled that with half of my time I am in all preK-5th grade classrooms doing short weekly social-emotional learning focus lessons with each class. I was lucky to hear Scarlett speak last year in Dover, NH.  I completed my doctorate in educational leadership in May 2019 with research for my dissertation in using mindfulness practices in early childhood classrooms to promote a positive classroom culture. The Choose Love program is perfect for this. I am also including it as a resource for all educators in our district through my Mindful Monday messages I send to staff.”
Check out some of the first graders at Page School completing the first lesson in the “Choosing Love in our Brave New World” unit with the story,  The Invisible String by Patrice Karst.  These are images of the students drawing themselves and those they love and that love them.  Dr. Amico  will be displaying these in her school building with “visible string” to encourage others to notice the love in their lives. Dr. Amico describes this project in more detail, “Love can keep our brains and bodies healthy. The invisible string connects each of us to those we love even when we are not with them. Page School first graders listened to this story and talked about loving others, loving ourselves and others loving us. This powerful emotion of love can be thought of as an invisible string. Each student made a heart with a visible string showing themselves and those they love and who love them.”
Additionally, Choose Love posters are displayed throughout the school to reinforce the lessons and Dr. Amico has been using the November Gratitude calendar with her students and fellow staff.