Podcasts, Episode 44: Beth Segaloff on Grief Yoga and the use of movement, breath, and sound for healing

beth segaloff ep44
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In this episode…

If you’ve experienced grief or know someone going through a difficult time, you have to listen to my heartfelt podcast with Beth Segaloff who explains how you can move toward healing. Beth is a licensed master of social work, life coach, reiki master, registered yoga teacher, certified firewalk instructor, and mom, who shares her story of losing the love of her life and how she processed the trauma. The physical, emotional, and spiritual journey she embarked on to come to a place of healing and peace really resonated with me as I thought of my experiences after losing Jesse.

Beth says “Grief is love” and explains her holistic perspective through teaching Grief Yoga that uses movement, breath and sound to reconnect with love and provides awareness, growth, and transformation. In our podcast, Beth shares how you can allow your body to restore and release by facing what you’re feeling and thinking by connecting with nature, Tapping, and giving yourself quiet time, and she also explains how you can help others through their grieving process. This is a podcast that strengthens your spirit and enlightens your soul.

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