Podcasts, Episode 45: Donna Cimarelli on the Maren Sanchez Home Foundation and Post Traumatic Growth

Jun 14, 2021 | ChooSELove Movement Podcasts

In this episode…

We talk about the loss of a child due to violence. My dear friend, Donna Cimarelli, also knows what that feels like.

In 2014, her 16-year-old daughter, Maren Sanchez, was murdered in her high school by a male classmate. In this emotional yet uplifting episode, Donna shares memories with me of her daughter as we discuss compassion for those who hurt our children and how we experienced post-traumatic growth that turned into something productive to make us stronger, better people.

In the podcast, Donna  explains the importance of awareness for young people to remain alert to possible danger in situations, and she also shares her feelings on the power of intuition and the role of our “gut feelings” in our lives. Listen in and learn how Donna conquered her pain and is now on a mission to protect the lives of other young women.

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Donna founded the Maren Sanchez Home Foundation that educates and empowers girls and young women to defend themselves against emotional, psychological, and verbal manipulation and physical violence.