Podcasts, Episode 59: Steve Pemberton on navigating life’s challenges and having the courage to ENcourage others

Feb 14, 2022 | ChooSELove Movement Podcasts

In this episode…

“Believe in your dreams and rise above obstacles.” 

Those are inspiring words from Steve Pemberton, best-selling author of “A Chance in the World” and “The Lighthouse Effect,” a visionary youth advocate, acclaimed speaker, and Chief People Officer for Workhuman. 

Scarlett has a powerful conversation with Steve about their shared experiences through trauma. Growing up in the foster care system and overcoming an abusive childhood, Steve shares his insights and addresses how people can overcome their pain to live their best lives. He discusses the power of parenting and the role it plays in a child’s life and future actions. Through their shared life experiences, Scarlett and Steve speak about navigating challenges and dealing with pain and loss and how our response to difficult times is part of the healing process. Steve explains the importance of having courage and taking on the responsibility to encourage and help others through pain and to be a lighthouse. Their conversation also covers fear and division in the workplace and the need to give and receive love in all facets of life to unite humankind. This meaningful podcast will stay with you and remind you of the importance of  hope and working toward having ‘lighthouse moments’ to help you change the world.

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