Podcasts, Episode 64: Judy Thomas on Autism in Honor of Autism Awareness Month

Apr 18, 2022 | ChooSELove Movement Podcasts

In this episode…

In honor of Autism Awareness Month, Scarlett has a candid conversation with her friend, Judy Thomas, who is an advocate for autism.  Judy shares her son Lyle’s journey after he was diagnosed with a pervasive development disorder.  She defines the disability disorder, shares Lyle’s experiences in school, and points out the need for change in the school system to better serve children who have autism or other developmental condition. Since these disorders can impact a person’s social skills, ability to communicate and form meaningful relationships, and more, Scarlett also reinforces the need for schools to teach essential life skills and attitudes.  Judy explains how tough it is on parents and offers advice on ways they can help their children flourish and live an independent life with hope and positivity.

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