“Primary Obverse” by Marco Gallotta and Bruno Big at One Art Space Gallery

May 30, 2016 | Press Releases

A big thanks to One Art Space Gallery owner Dan Giella, one of our choose love enrichment team members, for hosting this wonderful fundraiser. Please see the press release below.

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 “Primary Obverse” by Marco Gallotta and Bruno Big at One Art Space Gallery

Portraiture as Subject: A Unique Exhibition Featuring Visionaries

Opening Reception June 17, 2016 (6-9pm) On View Until June 27th, 2016 23 Warren St, New York, NY 10007

 “Primary Obverse”, is a two-person exhibition featuring individual and collaborative works from Marco Gallotta and Bruno Big that investigate the power and importance of the portrait. This exhibition includes artwork that features change-makers, everyday heroes and people who have influenced their communities and our world in positive and powerful ways. 

 Although working in different media, Gallotta’s paper-cutting technique along with Big’s graffiti style and engraving work seamlessly together. Through their work, Gallotta and Big celebrate the importance of the icons and influencers they depict. Gallotta’s signature paper cutting technique uses geometric shapes, such as circles, triangles and rectangles. The rigid shapes become irregular and organic, enriched with soft curves alternating with sharp angles. Big uses contemporary techniques such as graffiti, digital illustration and experimental printmaking. “Primary Obverse” is a concept in which the observer discovers the commonality among each of the icons.

 A percentage of “Primary Obverse” proceeds will be donated to the Jesse Lewis Choose Love Foundation, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization with a commitment to reach students, educators and individuals, nationally and internationally, and provide them with a simple, yet profound formula for choosing love. https://chooselovemovement.org/

 Marco Gallotta is an Italian-born, New York City-based artist. He received his associate’s degree in fashion illustration and a bachelor’s degree in general illustration from the Fashion Institute of Technology. He grew up in Italy, before moving to New York City in 1998. His artistic craft consists mostly of paper-cutting techniques, drawing, painting, and printmaking. Today, Marco resides with his wife and daughter in New York City, where he finds inspiration in its urban-scape, distinct artistic facets, and diverse population. He currently practices his craft in an intimate studio workshop in West Harlem. His vast expertise in mixed media techniques, including drawing, painting, and printmaking, add to his work a unique combination of artisan craftsmanship and graphic sensibility. Watercolors, inks, and graphite are applied to photographs that are then cut out. Layers of cut-out photographs,paper and other materials are  strategically overlapped to create ingenious compositions. www.marcogallotta.net

 Born in 1980, Bruno Big lives and works in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. After training there as an advertising creative and an engraver, in 2006 he moved to Barcelona, where he studied at The University of Barcelona Faculty of Fine Arts while also perfecting his graffiti style. A multi- talented artist, he then returned to Rio where, even in the midst of a thriving street art scene, he soon made a name for himself as a street artist while also exhibiting in galleries – all this alongside his continuing work in advertising. Bruno is an explorer, forever seeking out new ways to create. Much of Big’s works has been created for campaigns with brands such as Coca- Cola, Farm, Brazil Canal, RedBull, Rider, Nike and others. With Nike, Big has a long-standing partnership. Big has developed many projects and products for the brand and his largest to date was developing the Neymar Jr. Collection  “Ousadia and Alegria” for Nike.  Big painted a giant canvas of 1,000 shoeboxes to publicize the “Ousadia Alegria” launch, delivering the first pair to Neymar Jr. personally. The Ousadia and Alegria collection, which includes training apparel and two Nike Sportswear footwear silhouettes are available at nike.com.

 At present, Big chooses to dedicate more time painting. www.brunobig.com


  Curator Monica Watkins is a successful Ford model, director, artist and philanthropist. In 2008, she combined her passion for helping others and her understanding of the power of art and created the Foundation for Art in Motion. She has curated an extensive amount of exhibitions, including ‘Love+Serve Haiti’ at The Be Human Gallery in Houston, TX and at Rare Gallery, Bold Hype Gallery and Leigh Wen Fine Art Gallery in NYC, ‘The Art Of Beauty Experience’ at The Emmanuel Fremin Gallery and ‘Rebirth of a Nation’ at Art Basel Miami 2011 (Art Now Fair at The Catalina Hotel). Monica is also the founder of international projects Batey 106 Project, Love + Serve Haiti, Art Day Celebration, Project Hong Kong, and others.

 Additionally, Watkins is a founding member of advocacy curatorial team Curators for a Cause and is the Co-founder and Creative Director of anti-trafficking New York based platform Beauty for Freedom. http://bit.ly/1NQYVnh

 One Art Space seeks to provide local and international, contemporary artists engaged in wide- range of artistic expression, a space and a targeted audience to showcase their art.


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