Update from Scarlett

Aug 22, 2017 | General, SEL

THANK YOU to our Choose Love community! With your support, we are able to offer the solution to issues that we are experiencing in our schools and the world. We can not wait for someone else to solve these problems, indeed if they could have, they would have! These issues are matters of the heart and we can change the world by teaching how to choose love. Love is what connects us all as human beings – we all want to love and be loved. We have seen what a lack of love can do, now let’s see what a world filled with those who choose love looks like!

I’m excited to begin another school year and have been spending time in schools already for the past month, launching the Choose Love Enrichment Program with educators and staff all over the country. The program has been downloaded in 47 states and 17 countries since August, 2016, by word of mouth! The tremendous outcomes we’ve been hearing about and transformations of school climates and cultures attest to the power of bringing love into schools in an intentional way. 


Check out Cedarville Elementary School’s front steps (in Arkansas) painted with the formula for choosing love! Cedarville’s counselor heard about the program at a conference and brought it back to her school to an enthusiastic principal and embracing staff.
More than ever we need the awareness that we can choose love and the understanding of how to do this in every circumstance. The Choose Love Enrichment Program focuses on ‘thoughtful responses’ as opposed to ‘reactions’ and there is a big difference in the end results. Choosing love feels good, the opposite feels bad. 
We are also launching our Choose Love at Home program for parents within the next few months. This video based program teaches social and emotional skills and tools including emotional intelligence using similar vernacular as the school-based program. These life skills are not innate but they are highly teachable at any age! This enables parents, educators and students to work together as a team in their efforts to choose love.
Let’s “have a Lot of fun”! this year!
Choosing Love,
Scarlett Lewis
Chief Movement Officer