World Mental Health Day 2021

Oct 7, 2021 | General

On October 10th we will be recognizing World Mental Health Day. It provides an opportunity to reflect on the challenges many people experience daily and the tips and tools they have in their wellness toolbox for self-care.  BioEnergetic Wellness tools provide ways for people to keep balance and flow throughout the day with minimum effort.  When they make these daily habits, the continuous flow of energy to support all the systems in the body help to support mental health.

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In our Choose Love Formula we have the opportunity to balance our emotions by maintaining a focus on key aspects of self-care that help us to be in flow. That is, when we find gratitude in all that we do and say, as well as all that comes our way, we create flow for the good things and the harmonious opportunities that can lift us up.

When we offer forgiveness to ourselves and others, we release the emotions and experiences that can pull us down and block a flow of energy. This we can experience as tension, monkey chatter in our brains, shallow breathing. Forgiveness often comes with a deep breath and a sense of relief to let the angst go.

Courage plays a role in being able to do something different with our thoughts and our actions. It provides us with the opportunity to take that first step in a new direction. And the key piece that engages healing change, Compassion-in-Action. When we reach out to others to assist, we instigate the innate healing potential in ourselves and in others.

The “Nurturing our Inner Compassion” weekly gathering on Sunday is a chance for you to set your Compass. Know the action you wish to take, use your courage to make things different, involve yourself in activity that brings compassion to you through those in the class, and to share it to others through the class. Together we create flow and balance for a week that is supporting our systems in the body, regulate our emotions and our reactions to daily activities, and learn how to take action for ourselves and others. World Mental Health Day highlights that we are the change, we are the power, and we are the resiliency.  We have the choice. Please join us every Sunday for healing, energy, connection, and self-care. 

Choosing Love,

Michelle Greenwell
President, CanBeWell
Canadian Choose Love Ambassador