30 Days of Gratitude Challenge #14 – Gratitude Ring of Leaves

Nov 16, 2021 | 30 Days of Gratitude, Announcements

30 Days of Gratitude Challenge #14 – Gratitude Ring of Leaves

Autumn is a great time of year to go outside and enjoy the crisp air and collect some leaves with the kids along the way to use for a simple Gratitude craft. Pick out your favorite leaves to use for your craft. You can keep them natural or if you’re feeling crafty you can paint them or use glitter glue. Here’s a few different ways to create a Grateful Ring with leaves.

Gratitude Circle

Use paper and draw a large circle. Glue your leaves around the circle line. Write things that you are grateful for by each leaf.


Grateful Wreath

Grab a paper plate and cut out the center. Cut a piece of colored construction paper into a rectangle to be used as a banner across the center of the plate and write “Gratitude” on it. Glue your banner on the backside of the plate from one side to the other. Turn the plate over and glue the leaves to the plate.



Grateful Wreath for Teens

Take your paper plate wreath to the next level. Glue lots of leaves to hide the plate. Use your creativity and design skills to layout the leaves in a cool pattern.

Grateful for Trees

Using paper or the whole paper plate, use leaves from different trees and write in the center “Grateful for Trees” then next  to each leaf write in the type of tree it came from.




30 Days of Gratitude Challenge #14 – Gratitude Ring

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