30 Days of Gratitude Challenge #20 – Gratitude Garden

Nov 27, 2021 | 30 Days of Gratitude, Announcements

30 Days of Gratitude Challenge #20 – Gratitude Garden



Love flowers, but don’t have a green thumb? Can’t plant because of the weather? Great news! You can make your own paper flower GRATITUDE garden!

Younger kids can make a flower garden scene. Older kids can create beautiful 3D flowers, scroll below for a paper flower making video. They can things they are grateful for on grass or flowers.

Prepare a piece of white stationary paper, it will be the canvas. Trace the grass pattern on green craft paper and cut out the traced pattern. Cut a straight slit along the middle part of the grass pattern, lengthwise. Apply glue along the sides and the bottom part of the grass cut out. Keep the top end glue free. Carefully place the glued side on the canvas, making sure that the bottom ends of both the grass and the canvas are levelled.

Select different colored craft papers for the flowers, stem, leaf and butterfly. Trace the flower patterns on the selected papers. You may also create your own custom flower patterns. Cut out the traced patterns. Use sharpie or gel pen to add some simple patterns on the flowers. Attach the leaf with the stem. Prepare stems for each flower. Attach the flowers on the top end of the stem.

For the butterflies use any colored craft paper you want. Glue the body part on the middle of both wings. Cut out a strip from white stationary paper (same as the canvas). Attach the butterfly on the top end of the white strip.










Arrange the flowers however you want. And don’t forget to add the butterfly to the garden. Get creative and customize this project any way you’d like.




30 Days of Gratitude Challenge #20 – Gratitude Garden

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