30 Days of Gratitude Challenge #22 – Gratitude Breath

Challenge 22 Breathing
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30 Days of Gratitude Challenge #22 – Gratitude Breath

Practice a simple mantra as our “gratitude workout,” which gives us the chance to practice gratitude in our minds so that our bodies can have the experience of gratitude more of the time.

Practice using the simple mantra quietly to yourself or out loud in a whisper. Even when your body or mind might want to contract around a passing thought while you’re sitting or during a daily interaction, practice this mantra to keep the focus on gratitude and stay open.

Practice opening gratitude in the latitude of your heart, and then expanding it from the center of your chest out in every direction. With each breath, bring the nurturing quality of gratitude into your body, and let it open outwards as you sit.

Feast on Gratitude” is a three-day meditation practice, hosted by Positively Positive, guided by Elena Brower and Dave Romanelli. 

For day one, click here.


30 Days of Gratitude Challenge #22 – Gratitude Breath


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