5 Effective Ways To Be A Positive Role Model For Your Kids

Sep 3, 2021 | Articles, Scarlett's Blog

I am proud to share that Crunchy Tales has announced me as a Parenting Expert!

As the world continues to navigate through COVID, parents are looking for more productive ways to handle everyday life. There’s no road map or master class that gives us instructions or guides us on this leg of our journey because it’s an unprecedented time that requires us to determine the best path for ourselves and our families.  However, no matter how difficult life may seem, every day we must recognize that each experience is there for us to teach our children and have them learn and be strengthened by our actions and reactions to what is going on around us.

Every minute, they are learning from us, from the mundane to the more serious, and this stays with them throughout their growing years. As parents, we are ultimately their role models, their teachers -the ones they carefully watch, observe, listen to – in our interactions with them, and others. Our communication is less about what we say and more about our actions, our expression and gesticulation, even our outward energy. In every instance, we must remember the importance of being responsive, not reactive, and to think clearly with a level head and make rational decisions.

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