Benefits of Compassion-in-Action

CLAM Compassion
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Week 4 of Choose Love Awareness Month celebrates Compassion-in-Action. Compassion-in-Action is BOTH the understanding of a problem or the suffering of another, and acting to solve the problem or alleviate the suffering. 

Learn the scientifically proven benefits from those who practice Compassion=in-Action with the Choose Love program.

Listen to Scarlett Lewis’ podcast with Arthur Schwartz, President of as they sharing their vision of creating a safer, more peaceful world. Arthur explains the importance of kindness, caring, empathy and compassion, core values needed to develop tomorrow’s leaders and he also shares his research on courage. A noted expert in positive psychology, Arthur offers his keen insight into the need for our world to evolve into a more caring community, the role of our inner moral compass and intellectual character strengths as a guiding force, the positive benefits of self-talk, and his important views on equity and inclusion.

Simple acts of kindness will go a long way especially now when so many people are searching for connection and hope. Send a card or email to someone who you haven’t seen in a while just to let them know you are thinking of them. Write encouraging notes and leave them for others to find. Smile! Together we can create a world that is a kinder, more peaceful and loving place.

# Choose Love Awareness Month


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