Choosing Love & Better Wine: Holiday Gratitude Wine Tasting

Nov 25, 2020 | Announcements, Fundraisers, Past Events

Happy holidays! If you enjoy wine, join the Choose Love Movement on December 11th at 8:30p.m. for a Holiday Gratitude Wine Tasting virtual event and year end recap of the Choose Love Movement in 2020.


Spend the evening at this fun, informative, adult-friendly fundraiser with Scarlett and winepreneur Sara Pastorello of Better Wine with Sara. This evening, you can virtually enjoy award-winning wines made by acclaimed Napa Valley winemakers of the One Hope Foundation who help thousands change the world by creating opportunities that provide a sense of purpose through sharing wine and raising money for causes closest to them.

When you purchase from this fundraiser, 10% of your purchase will be directly donated to the Choose Love Movement. Your generosity provides our next generation social and emotional learning (SEL) and Character Development programming — online and at no cost — to schools, homes, and communities around the world.

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Order one, two or all three of the below choices to join in the wine tasting or bring your own beverages and join us:

Every bottle helps fund healthy meals to end hunger.

Every bottle helps fund ABA therapy for children with autism.
Every bottle helps fund a pet adoption so every animal can find a loving home.

One Hope Foundation is also committed to making a difference, donating $5 million+ to causes around the world, including building a school in Guatemala; funding 19,000+ days of clinical trials for breast cancer research, planting a forest in Indonesia, providing 3 million+ meals for children in need, finding 80,000+ pets a forever home, and more.  Let’s keep the giving spirit of the holiday going forward and be part of the solution by continuing to support all the educators, families, and communities who have helped Choose Love impact 2 million lives across 50 states and 100 countries!   Kick off the holiday season and join this online wine tasting event to support the Choose Love Movement!

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