A Note About Video Content

Wherever possible throughout the program, we provide links to videos (sing-alongs, read-alongs, interviews, experiments, short stories, etc.) and/or supporting content online to support your in-class and/or remote instruction environments. Because most of this content has been developed and/or made available to the public by 3rd parties who are not affiliated with the Jesse Lewis Choose Love Movement™, we have no way to control or guarantee the maintenance, safety, or availability of the content.

Although we thoroughly review and believe that all videos or other content, we reference is in keeping with the values and child-friendly messaging we promote as a movement prior to publishing the lesson, there is the possibility that it will be removed, edited, or otherwise made inaccessible by the content creator or technology platform where it is hosted. Or, you might not agree that this external content aligns with your school or classroom climate. Therefore, we encourage you to review all video and other external content in advance of each lesson to confirm it is appropriate and/or to give you an opportunity to search for a replacement.

If you find a link is no longer working, we would appreciate you
sending an email to info@chooselovemovement.org to let us know the
program, grade, unit (if applicable), and lesson.

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