I am using remote learning platform (X,Y,Z) — will your digital format work with that/ how will your format work with that?

We set up our program to be a flexible as possible.

The lesson plans are PDFs that are viewable online and downloadable. The slides that accompany lesson plans are Google Slides.  They can be viewed in presentation mode directly on the lesson page, but we also provide a direct link to the Google presentation as well as a “force copy” link, meaning that you can make a copy of the Google slides to edit, share, download as Powerpoint, etc.

What many of our educators do when setting up a remote lesson is either save a copy of the slides for their own use in whatever teaching platform they are using, or utilize the link to the slides in presentation mode, and either show the slides on their screen or email the links out to students.

So it’s quite flexible by design, but we are not familiar with all types of remote learning platforms so we wouldn’t be able to help with specific applications.

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