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SEL Fitness (Social Emotional Learning + Movement Therapy) Spotlight Webinar

This spotlight webinar is aimed at School Administrators, Social Workers, School Psychologists, School Counselors, Parents/Guardians, Community Youth Leaders, All Educators, SEL Committee leaders, PTA Presidents/Representatives.

Date:  Wednesday, 2/15/23

Time:  7pm-8:15pm EST

Facilitator Name:  Jessica Sheehan Byrne

SEL Fitness in collaboration with Choose Love teaches students the tools to access the potential within themselves by moving the static, shifting the mindset, resetting the nervous system and evolving the culture within the student.  Research proves that the human brain and body needs to be stimulated so students can truly access the executive functions in the brain, while learning HOW to tap into their positive reservoirs as they mature and grow in today’s society.  Establishing, implementing and honoring effective lifestyle habits and practices is an essential tool to the foundation and quality of our mental health, physical bodies and emotional well-being.  “If we want more then let’s do differently” and press play with SEL Fitness + Choose Love Program! 

 -Explore and maximize the “Affect” component of Choose Love Programming and Social Emotional Learning.

  -Learn and experience effective and integral lifestyle habits and tools that can be implemented consistently, improving the mental, physical and emotional well-being of growing children, adolescents and hardworking adults. 

  -Understand the benefits of small bouts of movement therapy which improves focus, attention, on-task behavior, emotional regulation, interpersonal social skills and impulse control, while initiating and facilitating neuroplasticity and new pathways in the brain of all ages.

 -Experience hands-on the release of stress and anxiety, flushing of the foggy brain, a surge in energy, a shift and uplift of your mindset and the powerful reset of your autonomic nervous system.

  -Change the culture within yourself, your classrooms and in your home to Choose Love.


Please consider making a donation to the Choose Love Movement to support our mission and continue to make our programming available for everyone free of charge. As well, learn more about our CARES Professional Developments for schools and visit our online store.

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  • Jessica Sheehan Byrne
    Jessica Sheehan Byrne
    CARES Facilitator

    Jessica’s dedication to crafting and evolving her training style for over 21 years with a variety of clients and students has recently expanded and the new addition is SEL Fitness (Social Emotional Learning). From young children to senior citizens and everyone in between her focus includes; student-athletes preparing for a variety of collegiate sports, parents coping with life-demands, individuals with special needs, people moving through daily life stresses, physical therapy, mental health & wellness, and more. Jessica devotes her vast experience, empathy, credibility, and passion, aiming for personal results that move the needle towards each individual’s goals that has invested in her mentorship, teaching qualifications, and training style.

    • ACE (American Council on Exercise) Certified Personal Trainer since 2002
    • ACE Fitness Nutrition Specialist since 2014
    • Masters in Physical Education +75 credits
    • Certified in Advanced Metabolism & Female Hormones
    • 1997-2001 Loyola College in Maryland Division 1 Women’s Soccer
    • 2012-Present Hauppauge Boys Varsity Assistant Coach
    • K-12 Physical Education Teacher Hauppauge School District 2010-Present
    • AED/CPR and First Aid Certified
    • Boces Arts In Education Approved Presenter and Vendor