Mindful Moments: Week 1 – Choose Courage

Mar 3, 2021 | Resources

Three non-profit organizations born from tragedy are coming together to offer you Mindful Moments.

March marks the 1 year anniversary of lockdown in the United States, 9 years since Scarlett Lewis lost her 6-year-old son Jesse Lewis in the Sandy Hook school shooting, 10 years since John Tessitore lost his best friend John Kelly to suicide after his battle to OCD and depression, and 12 years since the Anderson family lost their 17-year-old son, Josh Anderson to suicide.

In a time and world that often can feel dark, we want to offer stories of hope through our personal journeys of choosing love. Through this 6 week journey, we will practice techniques to foster calm and connection.

We believe that together we can prevent future tragedies and cultivate a healthier world. Will you join us on this voyage to connect and heal so we can create a path forward to a brighter future? 

Mindful Moment: Week 1 – Choose Courage


Courage is the willingness and ability to walk through obstacles despite feeling embarrassment, fear, reluctance or uncertainty. Courage is the most important character value because it is the one that underlies all the rest! We need courage to be kind when someone isn’t being kind to us, to tell the truth, to do the right thing and even to face our fear and discomfort rather than resisting or avoiding it.

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