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Fun Facts

  • I love books and conversations to learn from another’s perspective.
  • I enjoy traveling and observing nature.
  • I cherish motherhood, family, and friendships.

Mary Hally…

Thrives on making connections: Whether within moments shared between friends, or through noticing things within nature that ignite wonder and awe.

Mary is also a spiritual director who accompanies children to discover the goodness within one’s life journey, whether in celebrations or challenges.

She shares, “Within life’s storms, it is my hope for younger generations to grow in courageous confidence to allow themselves to move into the eye, to be nurtured within the gentle stillness, so that they can return to the chaos with a heart filled with forgiveness and compassion.”

I believe that Choose Love Movement’s formula instills an inner confidence and appreciation within individuals to trust and recognize the guidance of their own intuition.  I trust that these values help one to grow in responding within moments from a place of love – in infinite forms.  In return, this fills my own heart with great hope!

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