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Fun Facts

  • Whipped cream is a basic food group and you can always find a can or two in my fridge.
  • Kitchens are also made for dancing! I grew up a dancer.
  • #dailybailey posts of my dog are a staple in life! My 19 year old son isn’t so keen on his photos posted!

Shannon Desilets…

Is the Governor-appointed Program Director of the Jesse Lewis Choose Love Movement for the state of New Hampshire. Her role involves outreach and presentations across the state, increasing awareness of the Choose Love Program to schools, parents, communities, police departments, EMS, universities, youth groups, pediatric medical offices, hospitals, various organizations, DHHS/DCYF, Department of Safety, the Attorney General’s office, Department of Corrections and other state agencies. Shannon is part of NH’s School Safety Preparedness Task Force and leads the SEL implementation recommendation. She is responsible for growing the outreach of the Choose Love Program even further for the safety and well-being of NH’s citizens, measuring the implementation of the program, and serving to increase connections between people and agencies across the state. She is honored to also serve on the CSOC (Children’s System of Care) Advisory Council and on the ECIT (Early Childhood Integration Team) as well.

Shannon is also a member of the Association of Traumatic Stress Specialists and is a specialist in Post-Traumatic Growth. Further, her international work as an MNRI® Core Specialist has served families all over the world with special needs and post-trauma. She is also an international instructor, teaching the MNRI® PTSD course as well as the Maximizing Brain Potential/school-based course. Prior to this, Shannon was Clinic Director of a pediatric therapy clinic which specialized in Sensory Integration.

Shannon has provided post-trauma recovery treatment in Newtown, CT since the Sandy Hook School shooting. It was through her work there that she was able to bring Choose Love to her home state, leading this mission for New Hampshire, as well as now also leading Choose Love Ambassadors throughout the world.

Kate Mathews…

Is a Freshman at the University of New Hampshire, majoring in Human Development and Family Studies and minoring in Social Justice Leadership.

Kate had the fortune of being able to listen to Scarlett Lewis and Shannon Desilets share the mission of the Jesse Lewis Choose Love Movement and was uplifted by the solution-based mindset to create a world that is more nurturing, healing, and loving. As a human development and family studies major, she appreciates the lifespan approach integrated in the movement and the message that it is never too early nor never too late to purposefully integrate social and emotional learning skills into our lives.

She wanted to become an ambassador to spread the empowering message of choosing love and further integrate these skills into her own life to grow as a more compassionate leader.

Kate is excited to explore all the possibilities of bringing Choose Love to the collegiate level! A goal she has is collaborating with her campus’s health and wellness center to host a workshop series available to all students with the focus of incorporating SEL skills into our lives on a daily basis. She would love to start a Choose Love club on campus and also advocate for SEL to be incorporated into the health and human services curriculum.

Kate Mathews

Fun Facts

  • My favorite hobbies are thrift shopping and writing poetry.
  • I have the travel bug- my dream destinations are the Netherlands and Utah.
  • Dream jobs- youth program designer, Make-A-Wish wish granter.

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