Podcasts, Episode 53: Eve Goldstein and Danielle Matthew on what they are doing to eliminate the stigma around mental health

Oct 11, 2021 | ChooSELove Movement Podcasts

In this episode…

Dr. Eve Goldstein, a licensed clinical psychologist and learning specialist, and Danielle Matthew, a licensed family therapist and bullying expert, join Scarlett in a very eye-opening podcast to discuss their mission to help children learn social and emotional skills and support our educators in their shared experiences.  

Both therapists strive to eliminate the stigma around mental health and advocate for mental health training and empowering educators and parents to equip children with the skills and tools to cope and thrive in the classroom. They talk about their seminars and e-courses on post-Covid stress for educators and post-traumatic growth for students.

In the podcast, you’ll learn about the need to build socially intelligent children, ways to alleviate divisiveness and anxiety to strengthen connection with each other, and the importance of being more self-compassionate. It’s all based on a foundation of hope — to make the future a better place by working together in supporting our educators and students and giving them the resources to positively move forward.

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Eve Goldstein
Danielle Matthew