Podcasts, Episode 54: Jackie Dunne on the effects of COVID on adolescents and teenagers

Nov 16, 2021 | ChooSELove Movement Podcasts

In this episode…

This fascinating podcast focuses on the effects of COVID on adolescents and teenagers. Jacqueline Simpson-Dunne, a Board Certified Pediatric Nurse Practitioner, founder of Child Mental Health Solutions, and member of the Choose Love Advisory Committee, offers insight into the mindset and behavior of children. We discuss trauma, anxiety, lack of human connection, effects of technology, and social and emotional intelligence. 

Jacqueline offers ways parents can help and guide their children at their developmental level. She perceptively states: “There is no perfect pandemic parent,” and offers effective solutions for parents to help their children deal with adversity and uncertainties and develop resilience. She also explains signs parents can be aware of that signify a need to seek professional help. 

This is a full discussion of cultivating a healthy relationship between children, parents, and even spouses.  You will gain so much knowledge from this far-reaching podcast.

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