Podcasts, Episode 55: Carin Winter on the benefits of mindfulness

Nov 24, 2021 | ChooSELove Movement Podcasts

In this episode…

Scarlett was so happy to chat with Carin Winter, founder of Mission Be, a non-profit organization that offers mindfulness-based educational programs to help students better manage stress and regulate emotion, and the creator of our Choose Love Brave Breath.

We start off with a grounding meditation that moves into the interesting story of what led Carin to create her organization. After seeing children struggle with pain, neglect, and feeling unseen, she recognized the need for social emotional learning on a daily basis to help them feel valued, loved, and appreciated. She discusses how the tragedy propelled her forward to launch mindful programming, shares how Jesse inspired her, explains the organization’s relationship to 9/11, and the power of love.  

We also talk about the various benefits of mindfulness for both children and adults. Carin is filled with lots of information on how we can move forward in our brave new world.

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