Podcasts, Episode 60: Dr. Spyros Smith on the importance of compassion in our lives

Feb 28, 2022 | ChooSELove Movement Podcasts

In this episode…

The importance of compassion in our lives.  This is just one compelling topic Scarlett Lewis delves into with Dr. Spyros Smith in this extremely informative podcast. Dr. Smith, a former Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine, has been practicing hospital internal medicine for 20 years at Danbury Hospital in Connecticut where he served as its Chief of Hospital Medicine, and is now Medical Director of the Danbury Medical Group. Well-known and highly respected, Dr. Smith was the recipient of the Top Doctors of America Award from the Consumer Research Council of America and the Physician’s Recognition Award, AMA, among others. Scarlett and Dr. Smith explore the difference between empathy and compassion and the great need for more compassion and kindness in the medical field and the world.  Scarlett brings the Choose Love Formula into the conversation with Dr. Smith noting how his practice offers a heart-centric approach.

With a background in nutritional biochemistry, Dr. Smith shares how he helps patients use proper nutrition and other forms of preventative medicine to complement their treatment and explains the role of guided imagery, mindfulness, and the power of prayer in healing.  Other areas of discussion include the impact of  technology on critical thinking, life skills needed to help manage emotions, and positive coping strategies for dealing with the social and physical effects of  the pandemic. 

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