Sending “Nurturing Healing Love” to El Paso and Dayton

Aug 5, 2019 | General

Nelson Mandela, Long Walk to Freedom

Sending “Nurturing Healing Love” to El Paso and Dayton.

Written by Scarlett Lewis

We are sending “Nurturing Healing Love” to El Paso and Dayton. I grieve with you. I understand the depths of your sorrow. There are no words…

After Jesse’s murder, I dedicated my life to being part of the solution to the issues we’re experiencing in schools that translate into our society. In addition to escalating gun violence, the latest data showed 71% of our schools reported violence. The only way to get ahead of this violence is proactive prevention.

Reacting is going to get us exactly where we are, one step behind with an escalating issue. What we’re doing isn’t working! We must find the courage to do something different.

The anger, disconnection and suffering that translates into these tragic events impacts us all. We all must take responsibility for what’s going on in our schools and communities, and be part of the solution. So far, I haven’t seen anyone ‘out there’ that is going to ‘fix this.’

That means we must do it. And we can.

Hatred is an emotion. Children aren’t born hating. In fact, research shows that babies are born gravitating towards compassion.

Anger is a learned behavior. If hate and anger can be taught, then so can love. We can teach social and emotional intelligence. We can teach individuals how to thoughtfully respond with love: kindness, caring, concern and compassion that helps to empower us. We must model love.

Let’s act today. Bring Choose Love into your schools, homes and communities. Bring Choose Love into your daycares. It’s simple, free and proven to be effective.

Choose Love.