Whistle Sing and Hum your way to Choosing Love

Jun 2, 2024 | General, Scarlett's Blog

by Scarlett Lewis, Chief Movement Officer

My mom has an antique store where she sells signs that say, “Whistle Sing Hum.” The saying is now a family tradition, but only recently did I realize the simple acts of whistling, singing, and humming offer more than just pleasant sounds. These activities are scientifically proven to reduce anxiety, increase joy, and provide a calming pathway to a happier life. Here, we’ll explore the benefits of these musical practices, and how they align with the powerful Choose Love Formula™.

Whistling a lighthearted melody is an act often associated with carefree moments. Scientifically, whistling can:

1. Reduce Stress: Whistling involves controlled breathing, which activates the parasympathetic nervous system, reducing stress levels.

2. Boosts Mood: The act of whistling can trigger the release of endorphins, leading to a boost in mood and overall happiness.

3. Enhances Focus: Engaging in a rhythmic, repetitive activity like whistling can improve concentration and cognitive function.

Singing, whether alone or with others, has profound psychological benefits:

1. Emotional Release: Singing allows for emotional expression, providing an outlet for pent-up feelings and promoting emotional release.

2. Respiratory Benefits: It promotes deep and controlled breathing, enhancing lung capacity and delivering more oxygen to the brain.

3. Social Connection: Group singing fosters a sense of community and belonging, releasing oxytocin, the “bonding hormone.”

Humming a soothing vibration is a deeply soothing practice with notable health benefits:

1. Vagal Nerve Stimulation: Humming vibrates the vocal cords and stimulates the vagus nerve, which regulates stress and heart rate, promoting relaxation.

2. Mindfulness and Calm: Practicing humming helps center the mind, akin to meditation, inducing a calm mental state.

3. Sound Therapy: The gentle vibrations from humming can have a therapeutic effect, reducing anxiety and physical tension.

We can Choose Love as a thoughtful response more readily through melody. The Choose Love Formula—Courage plus Gratitude, plus Forgiveness, plus Compassion-in-Action—beautifully complements the practices of whistling, singing, and humming.

1. Courage: Courage isn’t only about facing fears; it’s also about expressing joy without inhibition. Whistling, singing, and humming, especially in public or alone, require and build courage.

2. Gratitude: Each melodious act can be a moment of gratitude. Singing a favorite song or humming a beloved tune fosters a mindful appreciation for those joyful moments.

3. Forgiveness: These practices allow emotional release and expression, helping to let go of past grievances and embrace a forgiving heart.

4. Compassion-in-Action: Sharing your songs and melodies spreads joy and compassion, fostering a positive environment. When we whistle, sing, and hum, we radiate a contagious happiness that touches those around us.

Incorporating whistling, singing, and humming into your daily routine is more than a nod to nostalgic family traditions; it’s a scientifically-backed pathway to enhanced mental health and joy. Coupled with the powerful Choose Love Formula™, these simple actions help cultivate a life full of courage, gratitude, forgiveness, and compassionate-in-action. So go ahead—whistle a tune, sing your heart out, and hum to your heart’s content. Let the melodies lead you to a joyous and fulfilling life.