WWHS Launches Choose Love Enrichment Program

Sep 22, 2019 | General

WWHS rolls out Choose Love social and emotional learning program

Walking through the front doors of West Warwick High School, it’s almost palpable.

“I feel like the whole vibe has changed,” Isabella Santilli, a senior at the school, said as she sat at a table across from her friend and classmate Paige Tomasso. “We’ll be sitting in class and somebody will say something, and another person will say, ‘choose love.’”

Having both helped lead the roll out this fall of the Choose Love Enrichment Program at West Warwick High School, Tomasso and Santilli on Thursday morning discussed the impetus behind bringing the social and emotional learning program to their school.

“At first we thought, what is ‘Choose Love?’ That was really the big question,” said Tomasso, who serves as the president of the school’s Choose Love leadership board. What she quickly found, however, was that the program isn’t easily defined.

“It isn’t a club, or a set of words, or a student group,” Tomasso said, “it’s a movement.”

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